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Democratic National Committee

"GOP 2012: Chasing the Tea Party" +
  0:54 web video from Sept. 3, 2011.

TEXT: The Tea Party

[Music] Woman's Voice: "...armed and dangerous on this issue..."

TEXT: How Extreme Is Their Agenda?

TEXT: The policies of Tea Party Republicans would end Medicare as we know it

TEXT: Preserve tax cuts for millionaires and big oil

TEXT: Eliminate millions of American jobs

TEXT: Slash college aid for students

TEXT: And Republican Presidential Candidates like Rick Perry and Mitt Romney? 
They've embraced their agenda.
They support the Tea Party.

TEXT: They would end Medicare

TEXT: Eliminate American Jobs

TEXT: Slash Pell Grants

TEXT: Preserve tax cuts for millionaires

TEXT: So this Labor Day.
instead of talking about jobs,
they're courting the Tea Party.

TEXT: The Republican Field: Chasing the Tea Party.  Too Extreme for America. [DNC disclaimer]

Notes: From the press release:

This Labor Day weekend in New Hampshire and South Carolina voters will see the Tea Party Republican presidential contenders up close, singing the Tea Party’s praises and pandering to the right wing kingmakers. As the candidates compete for Tea Party support the DNC released a new web video entitled "GOP 2012: Chasing the Tea Party.” The video highlights Mitt Romney and Rick Perry’s support for ending Medicare as we know it, slashing college aid for students, preserving tax cuts for the super wealthy and eliminating American jobs.

“Instead of talking about jobs and how to help the American middle class, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney will continue to out-right each other at Tea Party rallies,” said DNC Communications Director, Brad Woodhouse. “Their ‘corporations first, middle class last’ policies may score them points with the Tea Party crowd, but they’re not offering any solutions that actually help middle class Americans. Perry and Romney - just like the rest of the Republican field - are advocating for extreme policies that would have forced the government into default and would end Medicare while lavishing corporations and the super rich with tax breaks. It’s clear that they have a plan to court the Tea Party, but even on Labor Day they don’t have a plan for the middle class American worker.”