PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee
For Immediate Release: March 1, 2012
Contact: Gary Howard
Ron Paul Campaign Now Airing TV Ad in Idaho Continuing ‘Super Tuesday’ Buy Strategy
‘Three of a Kind’ airs in Gem State, setting record straight on Paul’s rivals and presenting him as sole, authentic conservative

BOISE, Idaho – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today that it is now airing its celebrated ad ‘Three of a Kind’ in Idaho, continuing a strategy launched yesterday to help Dr. Paul win delegates before and on Super Tuesday. 
Three of a Kind’ is airing now through Tuesday, March 6th – Super Tuesday – on the Fox News Channel and on targeted broadcast.  Yesterday the campaign announced that it is airing ‘Three of a Kind’ in neighboring Washington State beginning yesterday through the Evergreen State’s Saturday, March 3rd caucus, as well as airing the upbeat 30-second spot ‘Plan’ in Vermont from yesterday through Super Tuesday when the Green Mountain State holds its primary.
Three of a Kind’ at 60 seconds condemns the serial hypocrisy, counterfeit conservatism, and flip-flopping of Ron Paul’s rivals Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney respectively.  The ad concludes with a reminder that Paul is the sole authentic conservative vying for the nomination, and reiterates elements of the congressman’s path-breaking ‘Plan to Restore America.’ 
“By airing ‘Three of a Kind’ in Idaho, we’re demonstrating Ron Paul’s commitment to Idahoans who have welcomed Paul and other candidates to their state far earlier than they have in prior presidential election cycles,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. 
Delegate-rich Idaho is fertile ground for a competitive showing by Dr. Paul and we’re working hard to ensure that the Gem State proves to be an integral part of our delegate-attainment strategy to win the nomination,” added Mr. Benton.
Idaho with 32 delegates recently changed its nominating contest from a May primary to a March caucus, meaning the state is having a greater say in which candidate wins the party nomination.  Once overlooked, the state has more delegates than Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.