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March 2011
Tues. Mar. 1

Wed. Mar. 2

Thurs. Mar. 3 -Former Gov. Buddy Roemer (R-LA) announces exploratory committee.  [transcript]
-Former Speaker Newt Gingrich launches testing the waters effort.

Fri. Mar. 4

Sat. Mar. 5

Sun. Mar. 6

Mon. Mar. 7 Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition "2012 Republican Presidential Candidates Meet and Greet Event" in Waukee, IA. >

Tues. Mar. 8

Wed. Mar. 9

Thurs. Mar. 10

Fri. Mar. 11

Sat. Mar. 12

Sun. Mar. 13

Mon. Mar. 14

Tues. Mar. 15

Wed. Mar. 16

Thurs. Mar. 17

Fri. Mar. 18

Sat. Mar. 19 Acting on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 (2011), adopted March 17, U.S. military forces begin operations to protect civilians in Libya. >

Sun. Mar. 20

Mon. Mar. 21 Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) announces exploratory committee.  [release]

Tues. Mar. 22

Wed. Mar. 23 -One-year anniversary of President Obama's signing the health care reform law. (Democrats | Republicans | potential candidates)
-Gay activist Fred Karger files with the FEC to become a candidate.  [statement]

Thurs. Mar. 24

Fri. Mar. 25

Sat. Mar. 26 Conservative Principles Conference in Des Moines, IA. >

Sun. Mar. 27

Mon. Mar. 28

Tues. Mar. 29

Wed. Mar. 30

Thurs. Mar. 31

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