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July 2011
Fri. Jul. 1

Sat. Jul. 2 Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) announces his candidacy at Whitmore Lake, MI.  [transcript]

Sun. Jul. 3

Mon. Jul. 4 Independence Day.

Tues. Jul. 5

Wed. Jul. 6

Thurs. Jul. 7

Fri. Jul. 8

Sat. Jul. 9

Sun. Jul. 10 Americans for Tax Reform/Daily Caller/Citzen Outreach Foundation Debate in Las Vegas, NV.postponed

Mon. Jul. 11

Tues. Jul. 12

Wed. Jul. 13

Thurs. Jul. 14

Fri. Jul. 15 Second quarter finance reports (April 1-June 30) due at the FEC.

Sat. Jul. 16

Sun. Jul. 17

Mon. Jul. 18

Tues. Jul. 19 U.S. House passes Cut, Cap and Balance legislation.  [reactions]

Wed. Jul. 20 TheTeaParty.net First Presidential Debate on Twitter.

Thurs. Jul. 21 Former Gov. Buddy Roemer (R-LA) announces his candidacy in Hanover, NH. >

Fri. Jul. 22 Negotiations between President Obama and Speaker Boehner on debt ceiling break down.  [letter, transcript]

Sat. Jul. 23

Sun. Jul. 24

Mon. Jul. 25 President Obama and Speaker Boehner deliver dueling speeches on debt ceiling.  [Obama, Boehner, reactions]

Tues. Jul. 26

Wed. Jul. 27

Thurs. Jul. 28

Fri. Jul. 29 U.S. House passes Budget Control Act of 2011.  [statements and reactions]

Sat. Jul. 30

Sun. Jul. 31
President Obama announces agreement has been reached to avoid default.  [statement and reactions]

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