Buyology, Inc. Conducts Innovative Research Into Voter's Deeper Non-Conscious Feelings

Findings Reveal: Romney is the Biggest Threat to Obama; Palin Dominates 35 and Under Republican Voters; Obama is the Coolest Candidate

Sept. 15-20, 2011. N=1875 American adults nationwide

NEW YORK, Oct. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Buyology, Inc. the leader in the field of neuro-insight research on consumer behavior released a report on the presidential candidates today with surprising results.

Between September 15-20, 2011, Buyology polled 1875 people -- nearly three times the usual polling sample group -- using non-conscious preference on both who they would vote for in several scenarios and also on their emotional reactions to the candidates.

Age Demographic Findings:

Standard political polls survey a random group of voters on who they will vote for and what they think about specific bills, but they don't measure how voters feel about the candidates. In addition to the usual polling questions, Buyology used a widely accepted and proven tool to assess voters' non-conscious reaction to the current and potential slate of candidates.

Additional findings on the study can be found at

"There are profound differences between what people say and what they feel," says Gary Singer, CEO and co-founder of Buyology, Inc. "This cutting edge measurement is akin to what actually happens when the curtain is closed and people are voting."

The methodology used to access non-conscious preference is Latency Response, a well-documented and accepted approach. To produce this research, Buyology has used Latency Response in conjunction with proprietary software technology to assess level of conviction to a choice. 


Leveraging the unparalleled experience garnered at McKinsey, Interbrand, GlaxoSmithKline, and Yahoo!, BUYOLOGY, INC. launched in 2009 following the release of Martin Lindstrom's New York Times bestseller, "Buyology: The Truth and Lies About Why We Buy" (Random House). Buyology has served global leaders in consumer products, media, pharmaceuticals and technology and is internationally recognized as a thought leader in driving marketing insight and effectiveness, Buyology has been cited and covered in Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times, among others.

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