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The Libertarian Party held its 40th anniversary National Convention at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, NV from May 4-6, 2012. (+)  The theme was "Liberty Will Win!"  Former Gov. Gary Johnson (NM) won support of 419 of the 595 delegates to 152 for R. Lee Wrights of Texas and 24 votes for others.  Delegates then selected Judge Jim Gray (ret.) for the vice presidential nominee by 357 votes to 229 for Wrights and 13 for others. 

Gary Johnson 419  -  Lee Wrights 152  -  James Burns 12  -  Carl Person 3  -  Sam Sloan 2  -  Max Abramson 2  -  Ron Paul 1  -  Wayne Root 1  -  None of the above 3.

Jim Gray 357  -  Lee Wrights 229  -  Jim Burns 6  -  None of the above 7.

Former Gov. Gary Johnson of Taos, NM - (announced seeking the Libertarian Party nomination on Dec. 28, 2011; previously sought the Republican nomination for eight months, (announced candidacy on April 21, 2011).  Honorary chairman of Our America Initiative, a 501(c)(4).  Elected Governor of New Mexico in 1994 and re-elected in 1998; term-limited in 2002.  Founded Big J Enterprises, a construction business, in 1976 and built it into a multi-million dollar corporation before selling it in 1999.  B.A. in political science from the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, 1975.  Born January 1, 1953 in Minot, ND.
Gary Johnson 2012 | OUR America Initiative.   More: C-SPAN | Interview.

Former Judge Jim Gray of Newport Beach, CA - Judge of the Superior Court of California, 1989-Jan. 2009; Gov. George Deukmejian appointed Gray to the Santa Ana Municipal Court in 1983.  Libertarian candidate for US Senate in 2004.  Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in 1998.   Staff judge advocate and criminal defense attorney for the U.S. Navy JAG Corps.  Volunteer in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica.  J.D. from USC, 1971; undergraduate degree from UCLA, 1966.  Grew up in the Los Angeles area.
Judge Jim Gray
Note: On April 30, 2012 Johnson announced Judge Jim Gray (ret.) as his choice for running mate but it required a vote of the convention to make that official. 

others who received votes included
Lee Wrights
- A 52-year old writer and political activist born in Winston Salem, N.C. who now lives in Texas.  He is the co-founder and editor of the free speech online magazine Liberty For All.
Lee Wrights for President 2012

Jim Burns - Also ran in 2008.  Two-time chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada.  Candidate for Congress in 1998, candidate for Assembly, 1996; candidate for Assembly, 1978; candidate for Congress, 1976; and candidate for Mayor Las Vegas in 1975, finishing fifth of nine candidates.  Born Feb. 1, 1946 in Long Beach, CA.  From Beatty, NV.
Jim Burns for President

Carl Person
- New York attorney.  2010 Libertarian nominee for New York State Attorney General.  Worked for three Wall Street law firms.  Served in the U.S. Army and B.A. from Long Island University; L.L.B. from Harvard Law School, 1962.
Carl Person for President


Bill Still -
Freelance journalist and author.  Founded the Loudoun Monitor (VA) in 1977 and ran it through 1982.  Three years at Virginia Tech.  Born Jan. 20, 1948 in Fairborn, OH.
Still 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

RJ Harris - Harris of Norman, OK is a career Army National Guard officer.  He has been a small business owner and an air traffic controller.  In 2010 he ran for Congress against Rep. Tom Cole (OK-4). [Harris announced on April 11, 2012 that he was ending his presidential campaign due to insufficient fundraising; he is running for Congress in the 4th CD]
RJ Harris 2012 for President

Roger V. Gary - Former two-term chair of the Libertarian Party of Texas.  2010 Libertarian nominee for Texas Railroad Commission.  An elected Director of the San Antonio River Authority.  From San Antonio, TX.
The Committee to Elect Roger Gary

1, 2
Scott Keller -
Database administrator from Land O Lakes, FL.
Scott Keller for President 2012

James Ogle - From Pacific Grove, CA.

Leroy Saunders - In 2005 moved to Atlanta, GA and started a limousine business.  Entreprenuer, started several businesses.  Born June 3, 1969 in Harlem, NY.
Saunders for President

Sam Sloan - residences in NY and CA.

Joy Waymire - From Tulelake, CA.

formerly mentioned as a potential candidate
Wayne Allyn Root
- Hosts "W.A.R.: The Wayne Root Radio Show."  Author of "The Conscience of a Libertarian" (Wiley, July 2009).  2008 Libertarian vice presidential nominee.  Founder, creator and CEO of and the parent company Cool Hand Root LLC, which does sports handicapping.  Degree in political science from Columbia University, 1983.
Wayne Allyn Root's Blog