PRESS RELEASES from Republican Party of Florida

February 1, 2012
Statement From Gov. Scott & Chm. Curry on Gov. Romney’s Florida Victory

Statement from Gov. Rick Scott

Congratulations to Governor Mitt Romney on his victory. Clearly, his message of restoring economic prosperity to our nation has resonated with voters. Floridians, like voters around the country, are focused on jobs and know that we need a strong federal partner who is committed to lowering taxes, cutting regulations, and allowing companies to out-compete their global competitors.

Floridians have already played a critical role in choosing our party’s nominee, and I look forward to welcoming our nominee back to our great state for the Republican National Convention in Tampa this summer.

Statement from Chairman Lenny Curry

On behalf of the Republican Party of Florida I want to thank the candidates, the campaigns and all the volunteers who made yesterday such an important day for our state. Congratulations to Gov. Romney and his team for their impressive victory. As candidates move forward toward the nomination I know Florida’s Republicans will come together, work hard for victory in November, and play a vital role in putting our nominee in the White House.

February 2, 2012

Statement From RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry Regarding Florida’s Winner Take All Rule

With news stories focusing on Florida’s winner-take-all status, RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry has released the following statement:

“On September 23, 2011, RPOF’s Executive Board – 38 people including members from around the state, members who serve on the RNC, and members who are affiliated with different campaigns – unanimously passed RPOF Rule 10. Rule 10 determined Florida would be winner take all if the primary date was moved by statute and Florida was penalized by RNC for the move. All campaigns and the RNC have known since then that Florida was winner take all. RNC’s legal counsel has, on numerous occasions, noted their understanding and acceptance of Florida’s rule.

“Florida was winner take all before Election Day, we were winner take all on Election Day, we will remain winner take all. As Bill McCollum confirmed to Fox News today, had the outcome been different on Tuesday he would not be seeking publicity for a challenge to the rules adopted by Florida’s Republicans. It is a shame when the loser of a contest agrees to the rules before, then cries foul after losing.”