Democratic Responses to April 24 Republican Presidential Primary Results
Democratic National Committee

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Romney's Policies Would Make America Worse and the Stupid Thing Would Be to Follow Him Back to the Failed Policies of the Past
Washington, DC – DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on the results of the primaries in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island and Delaware:
“With the primary field nearly to himself, Mitt Romney’s victories are not a surprise.  Neither is his support for the failed policies of the past he’s been touting on the campaign trail.  Tonight, Mitt Romney spoke about building a ‘better America,’ but in fact, under Mitt Romney America would go back to the failed policies of the past.   President Obama inherited an economy that was on the brink; thanks to his strong leadership, he prevented us from sinking into a second great depression, and has begun to turn things around.  We’ve now seen 25 straight months of private sector job growth and the creation of 4.1 million private sector jobs.
“We know that the policies of the last Administration were a failure for the middle class, and not only has Mitt Romney pledged to return to them, but has said that he would double down on them.  He wants to allow Wall Street and insurance companies to write their own rules again.  He wants to cut critical programs for middle class families and those struggling to reach the middle class, and cut investments in our economy to pay for even more tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.  And let's be clear about what would be stupid: it would be stupid to reverse the progress we have made and return to the same failed policies that got us into this which is precisely what Mitt Romney is pledging to do.
“But it’s not just the failed policies that Romney would return to that should give Americans pause – it’s also his failed record as Governor.  In fact, beyond passing a health reform plan that he has all but disowned, Mitt Romney has not one area of accomplishment from his time as Governor of Massachusetts – especially in the area of jobs, where he’s concentrated most of his effort in this campaign.  Under Mitt Romney, Massachusetts was 47th out of 50 in job creation, lost manufacturing jobs at twice the national average, and saw its debt increase by 16 percent.  Advocating for the failed policies of the past and a failed record in office—that’s not better, that’s not leadership, and it’s not what the American people want.”

Connecticut Democratic Party

April 24, 2012
CONTACT: Jaclyn Falkowski
Romney’s ‘Better America’: Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, Middle Class Foots the Bill
Surprising no one, Mitt Romney won Connecticut’s GOP presidential primary tonight with an absolutely abysmal showing from the state’s Republican voters at the polls.
While Mitt Romney claims his plans would create a “better America,” what he’d really do is bring us back to the failed policies of the past.
“Is America better when the wealthiest get tax breaks and working families, seniors and children are left to foot the bill?” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo. “Is America better when insurance companies can deny coverage based on preexisting conditions or when women get charged more than men for the same insurance coverage?
“Is America better when we let Wall Street write its own rules or when we push tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations at the expense of the middle class and investments in our economy?
“President Obama is building an economy that will last. Mitt Romney wants to return to the failed policies that nearly sank our country. That’s not better, that’s not leadership, and it’s not what the American people want.”

Delaware Democratic Party

For Immediate Release
April 24, 2012
Contact: Sarah Rivin
DDP Executive Director Joe Aronson’s Statement On Results Of Delaware Republican Primary
(WILMINGTON, DE) – Delaware Democratic Party Executive Director Joe Aronson released the following statement tonight on the results of the Delaware Republican Primary:
“No one should be surprised at Mitt Romney’s performance tonight.  The real story is how he got here and what his candidacy will mean going forward.  Mitt Romney is likely the most extreme presumptive nominee for a major party in recent history – and he’ll be leading the most conservative Republican Party in 100 years.
“Mitt Romney will repeat his claims that as Governor he created jobs, cut debt, and shrank the Massachusetts government. But in reality, he keeps rehashing the same, failed economic policies that created the economic crisis in the first place.  Romney would let Wall Street write its own rules again, end Medicare as we know it in an attempt to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, and explode the deficit by $5 trillion in the next ten years.
“Romney’s record as Governor shows us exactly the leadership he has to offer: under Mitt, Massachusetts was 47th out of 50 in job creation.  Romney also sent jobs overseas and raised taxes by $750 million a year on middle-class families.
“Mitt Romney can give yet another economic speech today.  But his rhetoric can’t hide his record, and his record of losing jobs and leaving the middle class behind is turning off the very voters he would need in November.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Party

CONTACT: Mark Nicastre
Chairman Burn's Statement on the Pennsylvania Presidential Primary Results
Pittsburgh, PA - Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn released the following statement on tonight's Presidential primary results.
"In the last week, Pennsylvania voters saw first-hand how out of touch Mitt Romney is with middle-class voters. Romney visited Pennsylvania several times in the lead up to the primary and he insulted local businesses, made it clear he will not release all of his tax returns, rejected the Buffett rule that will make millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share, and embraced the endorsement of Tom Corbett while refusing to denounce his demeaning comments about women. Mitt Romney continues to fight for the failed policies of the past while trying to etch-a-sketch his record that led to Massachusetts ranking 47th out of the 50 states in job creation."
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