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Sept. 22, 2011--During the Faith & Freedom Coalition's Presidency 5 Kick Off Event, FFC Chairman Ralph Reed shows off a full-page ad the organization is running in USA Today.   
"Our goal in 2012 is simple… to turn out a record number of pro-faith, pro-freedom voters in the next election so we can begin to restore America’s greatness and founding principles."
Seven presidential candidates spoke at the Kick Off; former Gov. Jon Huntsman did not appear due to a scheduling issue.
FFC Executive Director Gary Marx.
Pastor Jay Dennis of the First Baptis Church at the Mall in Lakeland, FL.
Kay Afonso of Palm Coast, FL said she's for Perry "so far."
Sen. Marco Rubio was unable to appear in person.
Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll stated, "When it comes to our Christianity, there is no gray area."