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Sept. 22, 2011--Setting up at the Paul booth.
Lots of material at the Ron Paul booth.

Sept. 23, 2011--Stephanie and David Foster of Tallahassee are Ron Paul supporters.  In their view, "He's the only candidate that isn't afraid to tell the truth, even when it's not popular, and he's for individual rights."  They are also opposed to "all these wars," believing that "we need to take care of ourselves first."  Interestingly David Foster said he has never voted. 

Sept. 24, 2011--Ron Paul supporters Ryan Anderson and Mark Eckert.  Anderson, from Fort Lauderdale, is a former helicopter flight mechanic now in the financial services sector.  He said he likes Paul "because he's consistent, he makes sense, he's logical."  "He thinks like an economist, not like an attorney," Anderson said.  Eckert, of Sunrise, is a circuit board designer.  He said Paul would bring "small government, less taxes, more freedom."