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Rules for the Presidency 5 Convention



All aspects of Presidency 5 will be directed and approved by the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF).  The RPOF Chairman will name the members of a Presidency 5 Advisory Committee.



The official business listed in the Official Presidency 5 Convention Program, as determined by RPOF, is the only business that will be considered.  No other business will be considered.



The RPOF Chairman or his designee will chair the convention.  The newly revised Robert’s Rules of Order (2010) will govern procedural matters not otherwise prescribed in these convention rules. A Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the RPOF Chairman.



All delegates to Presidency 5 shall be Florida residents and registered Republicans as of February 1, 2011. The delegates must caucus with the county delegation in the county in which they are registered to vote as of their Presidency 5 application to become a delegate.



All delegates must check-in and receive their delegate credentials from the designated registration area.  During convention session, the RPOF is responsible for maintaining a list of delegates and alternate delegates in attendance from each county.



In order to be considered to be an eligible applicant you must register online at www. Only applications received online will be considered. Registration will be open between April 10 and June 10, 2011. The county delegate selection caucuses will take place between June 15 and August 1, 2011.  In the case that there are less than 3,500 delegates at the end of the delegate selection caucuses, the State Chairman may allocate delegate slots to ensure that major donors and dedicated activists are accommodated. This is not to exceed 3,500 delegates.



No one, other than delegates with a delegate’s credentials and authorized convention personnel, will be allowed into the secured area of the convention floor. Credentials must be openly displayed.



Any challenge of the delegates or alternates, for any reason except whether an alternate has properly been moved into a delegate position, must be filed in writing and must be received by RPOF Headquarters by August 15, 2011 for subsequent consideration by the P5 Credentials Committee.  The challenge must set forth the reason or reasons why the delegates or alternates are claimed to be ineligible to be seated.  Action of the P5 Credentials Committee will be considered as final with no appeal to the full convention.

The RPOF Chairman shall designate the members of the P5 Credentials Committee (5) and a P5 Tellers Committee, prior to June 1, 2011.  Any challenges will be resolved prior to the day of the convention, September 24, 2011.



Delegates will be seated by county delegations in a badge access-controlled section on the convention floor.  Roll call votes of the counties will be conducted by the RPOF Secretary with an alphabetical roll call of counties.  The Secretary shall announce how many credentialed voting members are present. The Chairman of each county delegation, or their designee will report the vote to the Convention Chairman when the county’s name is called.


RULE 10:

In accordance with Florida election law, general procedures for secret balloting will be reviewed and approved by the Presidency 5 Advisory Committee. No proxy voting will be allowed.


RULE 11:

Only those Republican candidates for President of the United States who have been invited by the RPOF will be allotted time for presentations pursuant to Rule 11. No nominations will be accepted from the floor.


RULE 12:

Each candidate will be allowed a total time of 20 minutes for a presentation.  The candidate may use their time in any way they desire, including having a person introduce them, or have demonstrations on their behalf.  However, any of these activities are part of the candidate’s total time and the candidate must appear and speak during the allotted time.


RULE 13:

The County Republican Executive Committee Chairman or his/her designee shall serve as the Delegation Chairman and will be responsible for coordinating the distribution and collection of their respective county’s ballots in conjunction with the Tellers Committee. In order to facilitate an efficient distribution of ballots, the Delegation Chairman may appoint one or more delegates to assist in distributing and collecting ballots within the delegation. At the conclusion of the Presidential candidate presentations, and upon the instruction of the State Chairman or his designee, the Tellers Committee will distribute the ballots to each Delegation Chairman. Once all ballots have been distributed, fifteen minutes will be allowed for delegates to vote their ballots. Once the balloting is completed it is the responsibility of the Delegation Chairman to collect and return the ballots to the tellers committee. The Tellers will bring the ballots to a pre-designated, secure area for tabulation. Following the complete count of all of the ballots, the Tellers will inform State Chairman of the official results and the county by county results.


RULE 14:

Due to limited space in the Convention Hall, marching in the aisles will not be allowed.   Delegates must remain in front of their seats during demonstrations.


RULE 15:

Free-standing or carried signs are allowed, but must not be so placed as to block necessary fire exit or impede normal convention floor circulation.  Signs may be placed only in designated areas.  Nothing shall be posted on, nailed, screwed or otherwise attached to columns, walls and floors or to other parts of the building or furniture in accordance with the venue contract.  No sign shall exceed 2 X 3 feet and must be handheld and not contain any attachments such as handle, stakes, or posts, unless pre-approved by the RPOF.



RULE 16:

The balloting at the convention shall be conducted on a “one delegate one vote” basis.  The Delegation Chairman shall be responsible for announcing the number of votes cast during the roll call.  All voting will be cast and tallied.  The county Chairman’s announcement is for effect only.


RULE 17:

The winner of the straw-vote will be announced as soon as possible after the voting has been completed.


Detailed Delegate Selection Rules


You will be provided with the Alpha listing of all the applicants for your county from RPOF.   Ballot security cards, a numeric listing of the ballot security cards, a listing for your applicants by Voter registration number, and a listing of applicants by their date of birth will also be sent.

The Alpha listing will have a line for the applicant to initial, the applicants name, address, and email address.

Ballot security Cards, provided by the RPOF, have a numeric code. The number on the card coincides with the number on the alpha listing for applicants to your county caucus.

When the applicant comes to the registration table, have the applicant sign the alpha list, pull the appropriate numbered card, and hand the numbered card to the applicant.

The applicant should then proceed to the drawing box.

1)      A teller at the “Box” should allow the applicant to drop the security card into the box. NOTE: The special security card should not be folded. As noted in the diagram on page 1, the box should be cordoned to limit access to the box to only those with proper security cards wishing to place their card in the box.

While the above process may seem unnecessarily complex, it is designed to accomplish three things: 1.) to ensure that no one registers twice (this is accomplished by requiring the registration lists to be signed) 2.) to ensure that only those who are physically present and have pre-registered have their card placed in the ballot box. (This is accomplished by having the individual present picture ID prior to receiving their card.) 3.) To ensure that only those who register at the registration tables place their card in the box. (This is accomplished by utilizing Special Security cards which will prevent someone from bringing a card or cards into the caucus and then by-passing the registration table and placing the card or cards into the box.)

2)      If the individual’s name does not appear on the listing provided by RPOF, it must be assumed the applicant did not submit the Delegate Application to RPOF in a timely basis and therefore is ineligible to participate in the caucus procedure.

3)      At the pre-established cut-off time, the lines for registration should be closed and no additional applicants be allowed to get into line. However, all of those individuals in line must be allowed to register

  1. THOSE WHO MUST BE PRESENT AT THE CAUCUS:  Applicants for allocated delegate, alternate and alternate reserve positions drawn by the lottery must be present at the caucus.
  2. THOSE WHO ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE PRESENT AT THE CAUCUS:  Applicants who are considered to be selected by the five person committee as part of the 25% of delegates chosen need not be present at the caucus, but must be on the original applicant list.

4)      After all applicants have been registered and have placed their cards in the box, the registration tables should be closed. The cards in the drawing box should be thoroughly mixed. A candidate’s representative can request that the cards be more thoroughly mixed before the drawing begins. Unless clearly unreasonable, such requests should be granted.

5)      Any challenge dealing with registration or cards placed in the box must be made prior to the start of the drawing. A challenge committee composed of three of the five members of the  delegate selection committee (County Chairman, State Committeeman and State Committeewoman) shall rule immediately on any such challenge. Any and all challenges shall be documented in writing by the REC Chairman and the documentation shall be signed by two of the three members of the committee and returned to the Republican Party of Florida, with all other caucus information before August 15, 2011.

Note: Any request for a poll, straw ballot or indication in any manner, of support of a particular candidate, is prohibited by the Delegate Selection Rules and must be ruled out of order.

6)      As close to the pre-established time as possible, begin selecting the numbered security cards. As a card is pulled from the box the number on the card should be called out. The caucus secretary(ies) should check the numerical list (provided by RPOF) for the name of the individual whose number has been called. That name should then be announced. Simultaneously, a list should be prepared of the names of the delegates in the order in which they are drawn. (The appropriate form is included in your package material.)

After the appropriate number of delegates has been chosen, you will then continue to draw security cards for the Alternates. The first alternate should be listed on the ALTERNATE FORM provided by Presidency 5, and the card marked A1.

7)      The Security Card pulled should be marked D for delegate, A for Alternate, and AR for Alternate Reserve and the ordered number in which it was pulled.

Example: If your county has a total of 75 delegates 75% would be 48; the first 48 cards pulled from the “hat” will be delegates; all remaining cards must be pulled and would be your alternates. The first card pulled would be delegate #1, should be marked D1, and the name listed on the form provided. The 15th card would be delegate 15 and marked D15; the 49th card would be Alternate 1 and the card should be marked A1; the 77th card would be alternate 29 and so forth. There should also be 10% additional applicants as Alternate Reserve who will move up to Alternates when Delegates are unable to attend.

8)      As the name is announced the named individual should respond and present him/herself to the Caucus Treasurer. The applicant should sign the security cards on the line provided on the security card and pay the non-refundable $175.00 registration fee. Registration fees should be collected from the delegates and from the alternates.

EXAMPLE: Assume your county has 300 applicants; you are entitled to 75 delegates; the first 8 alternates chosen should pay the registration fee. Checks should be made payable to Republican Party of Florida.

9)      You should make sure that at least 20% of your alternates plan on attending the Convention and have paid the registration fee. This will guarantee your county will have a full delegation for the convention. If a delegate is unable to attend the convention, the first alternate would move into the delegate position.

10)  IMMEDIATELY following the drawing of all cards from the box to select 75% of the delegates, the five (5) member committee – State Committeeman, State Committeewoman and County Chairman and two REC members chosen by the REC leaders, prior to caucus and should be announced at the beginning of the Caucus. (These two members are NOT automatic delegates) – shall meet to select the remaining 25% of your county’s delegates. Those selected as part of the 25% need not necessarily be present at the caucus.

The meeting of this committee must be open to anyone wishing to attend. However, actual voting shall be by secret ballot.

11)  Each member of the five member committee shall vote for the number of delegates to be chosen. Those candidates receiving the highest number of votes are elected however; each candidate must receive at least two (2) votes and no member shall abstain from voting. NOTE: You may not want to choose the Secretary or Treasurer as part of the five member committee since they will be occupied with their official duties.

12)  Immediately following the election of the 25%, the names of those elected should be added to the official delegate list, and the $175.00 registration fee shall be collected from these elected delegates.

13)  All automatic delegates (State Committeeman, State Committeewoman, and County Chairman) must register online and pay the registration fee of $175.00. If a delegate chosen by the committee of 5 (Chairman, SCM, SCW, and two REC members) is not in attendance, it is the responsibility of the County Chair to have the delegate check at Republican Party of Florida by August 15, 2011. If check is not received at RPOF by August 15, 2011, then the delegate will be removed from the Alpha list and an alternate will be moved up to delegate status.

14)  Neither the Delegate list nor the Alternate list is to be given out nor is any information from the lists to be released to anyone. The entire delegate list for the convention will be verified released, as available by the Republican Party of Florida. This will ensure that all Presidential campaigns are treated equally.

15)  The alpha list, numerical list, Voter Registration list, Date of Birth list, all ballot security cards, the certified lists of delegates, alternates, and all checks must be sent to and received by the Republican Party of Florida, 420 East Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32301 no later than August 15, 2011.  ALL INFORMATION MUST BE RETURNED IN A MANNER THAT CAN BE “TRACED”. E.G. CERTIFIED MAIL, FEDERAL EXPRESS, ETC.

16)  Only delegates and alternates should receive information regarding “housing” at the Peabody Orlando, Rosen Centre and Rosen Plaza Hotels.  Delegates will receive preference in housing requests.  Alternates will be allotted room space on a first-come first serve basis.

17)  The hotel WILL NOT accept room reservations prior to June .

Money collected for delegates should be attached to the Delegate list.  Alternates will have to pay $125, if they plan to attend and money collected for Alternates should be attached to the Alternate list. The remaining $50 will be collected if they asked to be a delegate the day of the Convention.

All information sent to you for your caucus, including all lists, all security cards, and all moneys for the delegates, alternates wishing to attend the convention and guests wishing to attend the convention must be returned to Republican Party of Florida, 420 East Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32301 by August 15, 2011.


Seating in the convention center is limited. We are currently studying the possibility of “closed circuit” TV in the Hotel or in another room at the Convention Center. We will let you know as soon as possible.

Summarized Caucus Procedures

Before May 1, 2011

The REC chairman of each county will perform the following duties:

  • Establish a location for caucus.
  • Establish a date and start time for caucus.
  • Publicize the caucus at least 15 days prior to the date of the caucus and include the notice in a local newspaper or county REC website.
  • Appoint a caucus secretary, treasurer and tellers.
  • Establish a start and end time for registration.
  • Reminder: Date, time and location for caucus must be submitted to Republican Party of Florida headquarters before May 1, 2011.
  • RPOF will provide the counties a weekly update of those who have applied, so that the county can determine space requirements for the caucus.
  • Recruit volunteers for registration tables on day of caucus.

Caucus Day Procedures

Three days before, or the day, of your scheduled caucus you will receive the following from RPOF:

  • List of all applicants in alphabetical order.  (The list will only include those applicants whose application arrived at RPOF prior to the deadline of June 10, 2011.)
  • List of all applicants in numerical order by the registration desk at the caucus.
  • Numbered applicant security cards.
  • Hotel information sheet.
  • Delegate and alternate certification sheets.

1.)  The County Chairman, caucus workers and tellers should arrive at the caucus location at least 30 minutes prior to the start of registration.

2.)  At the designated time, open doors and direct applicants to the registration table(s) where they must present a picture ID.

3.)  Registration volunteers will verify the documents against the alphabetical list. Verify party registration and date of registration. Applicants must be registered Republican on or before February 1, 2011.

4.)  Registration volunteers will direct each properly qualified applicant to sign the alpha list; pull the appropriate numeric card and hand card to applicant.

5.)  Applicant will drop the numbered security card in to cordoned drawing box. (Note: the card must not be folded.)

6.)  Individuals whose names DO NOT appear on the alpha list are NOT eligible to participate.

7.)  Any request for a poll, straw ballot or indication of support for a particular candidate is prohibited.

8.)  At the close of registration, the caucus moderator should mix the cards thoroughly before starting to pull cards from the box.

9.)  As the card is pulled, the number on that card should be called out. The caucus secretary will check the number against numeric list and call out the name.

A.)  The official delegate list form should be filled out as the name is called.

B.)  The security card should be marked “Delegate” and the order of selection noted on the card.

C.)  The selected delegate should respond and proceed to the caucus treasurer, sign the security card, pay their non-refundable registration fee of $175.00 made payable to Republican Party of Florida, and receive information on hotel reservation.

10.)  Applicants must be present to be chosen. IF a number and name is called and there is no response from the applicant, the card will be placed at the end of the alternate list.

11.)  Following the drawing of the 75% delegates, the caucus chairman shall continue drawing cards for the alternates.

A.) Beginning with the first alternate selected, the official alternate list will be completed with the names that are called, the first individual being alternate number one.

B.)  The security card will be marked “alternate” and the order of selection noted, the first being alternate number one.

12.)  Each allocated county alternate will pay the guest fee of $125. If it is later determined that they are elevated from alternate to delegate, they must immediately pay the remaining $50 fee. If the alternate chosen does not want to participate or is not present, then another alternate will be chosen.

13.)  Immediately following the drawing of all cards from the box, the five (5) member committee – County Chairman, State Committeeman and State Committeewoman and two REC members chosen by the three leaders—shall select the remaining 25% of the delegation from the alternate list. This meeting must be open; at the option of the committee, those selected as part of the 25% need not necessarily be present to be chosen but must be registered.

14.)  Immediately following the election of the 25%, the names of those elected should be added to the official delegates list and deleted from the official alternate list. The designation on the security card should be changed form “alternate” to “delegate.”

Ballot security cards should be signed, money collected and hotel registration forms distributed.

15.)  Note: The official Delegate list and the Alternate list are not to be given out. These lists must be returned to Republican Party of Florida, 420 East Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32301. You may, of course, copy the list for YOUR own use.

16.) The alpha and numeric lists, ballot security cards, certification forms and official Delegate and Alternate lists along with the registration fee checks must be received at RPOF by August 15, 2011.

Please direct any questions regarding the caucus procedures to:

Republican Party of Florida

420 E. Jefferson Street

Tallahassee, FL 32301