PRESS RELEASE from Newt 2012
March 2, 2012

Newt 2012 Announces Kiron Skinner as a National Co-Chair for its Women with Newt Coalition


Atlanta, GA - Newt 2012 has announced a new National Co-Chair for its Women with Newt Coalition. The coalition is spearheading women’s outreach leading up to Super Tuesday and the general election.


Dr. Kiron Skinner, a Hoover Institution Research Fellow and Director of the Center for International Relations and Politics at Carnegie Mellon University, will provide Newt 2012 with expertise in the areas of international relations, security policy, and political strategy.


“I’ve been a supporter of Speaker Gingrich for a long time. I’ve seen him in numerous professional circumstances and have been extremely impressed with his command of complex and overlapping issues that are especially pressing to women — national security, the economy, and education.”


Dr. Skinner will join the national coalition, led by Callista Gingrich, Sue Lynch, Jeri Thompson, Gay Hart Gaines, Linda Upmeyer, Kathy Gingrich Lubbers, and Jackie Gingrich Cushman.


“I am excited about the ideas and research Kiron is bringing to help shed light on the issues that are most important to women” Newt Gingrich said. “They will be instrumental in helping us reach women of all backgrounds and experiences.”




R.C. Hammond
Press Secretary