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Democratic National Committee

"People" +
:30 ad run on broadcast networks in Des Moines, Iowa from Aug. 13, 2011, also on cable

[Music] Female Announcer: Mitt Romney stands with the Tea Party.

Up to 35-percent cut from Social Security, but not one more dime from corporations.

(Aug. 11 clip from "Soap Box" at Iowa State Fair)
Romney: "...one is we could raise taxes on people.  That's not the way...

Several audience members: "Corporations.  Corporations."

Romney: "Corporations are people my friend."

Audience member: "No they're not."

Romney: "We could raise taxes on... Of course they are.  Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people."

Several audience members: [Laughter]

Romney: "Where do you think it goes?"

Audience members: "In their pocket."

Romney: "Whose pockets?  People's pockets."

Text on Screen: Mitt Romney.  Putting people corporations first.

Female Announcer: The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this ad.

Notes: Based on a clip about 19 seconds long from Romney's August 11 appearance on the "Soap Box" at the Iowa State Fair.