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Republican National Committee

"Change Direction" +
:30 ad national cable buy, announced July 6, 2011.

[SFX] Male Announcer: He promised to change direction.

Eight hundred billion in stimulus...

Trillions for government health care...

Two million jobs…Gone.

Left turn after left turn.  America’s headed the wrong way, fast.

6 million foreclosures...

14 trillion in debt...

Five hundred billion in higher taxes...

And the worst long term unemployment in generations.

Don’t let Obama drive us to disaster.  Change Direction.

[SFX] The Republican National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Notes: From the RNC press release:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new television ad, ‘Change Direction,’ in a national cable buy that highlights President Obama’s failed economic policies and the disastrous course he has set for America’s economy.  The ad marks the beginning of a month-long economic messaging campaign that will reach into battleground states and test new digital marketing strategies.
“The RNC intends to challenge Barack Obama in every state on his failed economic leadership right up until Election Day,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “Whether it’s the Administration telling companies where and how to do business, calling for massive tax increases on job creators, or recklessly spending money we don’t have, President Obama’s policies have made the economy worse.  Even now, with 9.1 percent unemployment and a debt that’s on track to exceed the size of our economy, President Obama and Washington Democrats have made raising taxes and more ‘stimulus’ spending their top priority for the summer. Republicans have already changed the conversation in Washington, but with the President unwilling to remove the country from its unsustainable course, it’s time to change direction.”

Statement from DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse is response to the ad:

“No one should be surprised that the Republican Party, much like its candidates for President, are trying to mislead voters about the state of the economy,” said Woodhouse.  “While the President continues to fight to clean up an economic mess that was years in the making, Republican's would rather run negative ads than offer positive ideas. Instead of joining in solutions that will strengthen the Middle Class and create jobs, Republicans are fighting to protect budget-busting tax loopholes for oil companies and Wall Street, tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires and to roll back laws that crack down on consumer ripoffs by lenders and insurance companies.  Instead of working to protect the privileged few while slashing support for seniors, students and the investments we need to get our economy moving again, Republicans should work with Democrats and President Obama to help Middle Class families get ahead – the very people who were hurt the most by a decade of failed economic policies.”