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Republican National Committee

"Change Direction 4" +
:30 ad run in FL, VA, NC, IN, OH and IA, announced July 27 2011.

[News Sting] Faux News Announcer: Good morning.  January 20, 2017, the last day of Barack Obama’s eight years as president…

Faux News Announcer 2: …8 tough years for many as unemployment continues climbing…

[Remote TX Change SFX] Faux News Announcer 3: …with debt to China reaching record levels, some analysts believe the Chinese have overtaken the United States… 

[Remote TX Change SFX] Male Announcer: Eight years ago, we were promised hope [rally sound].  Today many believe their American dream has been lost.

Male Announcer: The Republican National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Notes: From the RNC press release:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) released the final television ad today in its month-long “Change Direction” economic messaging campaign drawing attention to President Obama’s failure to lead on the economy and reduce spending. The ad paints a stark picture of what the American economy could look like after 8 years of President Obama’s destructive leadership. It is becoming painfully obvious that four more years of record unemployment and record debt will result in an unrecognizable and greatly diminished United States of America. 

The RNC is taking the fight to the president, airing the ad in key battleground states where he is vulnerable: Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio and Iowa – all states he won in 2008 but will struggle to defend in 2012. A Spanish radio ad will accompany the television buy in Florida.

DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse responded thusly:

“While President Obama looks to find sensible solutions to getting our fiscal house in order, the RNC continues to show they’d rather run negative ads than work in good faith to create jobs,” said Woodhouse. “The Republican Party continues to play politics and hold the American economy hostage with their unwillingness to compromise. Their support for the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan shows how out of touch with reality they really are. Republicans want to slash Social Security and Medicare benefits to protect budget-busting tax  breaks for corporate jet owners, hedge fund managers, and oil companies. The American people are calling out for their leaders in Washington to work together to reduce the deficit and create jobs, but the Republican Party has shown repeatedly they’re more interested in ideological purity than doing what is right for the country.”