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Rick Santorum Wins Supermajority Support from Texas Meeting of Conservative Leaders

BRENHAM, TEXAS - This weekend more than 150 conservative leaders gathered in Brenham, Texas to discuss the Republican primary race and top policy goals for the next Republican Administration.

Speaking on behalf of the meeting's organizers, Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

"There is unanimous agreement among conservative leaders that we can and must replace President Barack Obama in November. Today, after praying for the nation's future, conservative leaders took the first steps in moving social conservative voters toward advancing a true conservative candidate toward the nomination. After hearing presentations from campaign surrogates and individuals' speeches and appeals, participants cast ballots for their presidential preference.

"The agreed-to threshold for support of the group was two-thirds of those present. That threshold was surpassed on the third ballot when Rick Santorum gained 74.5 percent of the vote and Newt Gingrich received 25.5 percent. From the outset, the stated goal of the meeting was to attempt to arrive at a consensus or a clear majority of support for a single conservative candidate. That goal was achieved. While a supermajority of those attending the meeting stated support for Rick Santorum as their preference in the Republican primary, it was also made clear that conservative leaders could coalesce around any of the three presidential candidates who had strong representation at the meeting; Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum."

Ballot Results:

First Ballot
Paul 1
Romney 3
Perry 13
Gingrich 48
Santorum 57

Second Ballot (two top vote recipients)
Gingrich 49
Santorum 70

Third Ballot
Gingrich 29
Santorum 85

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January 14, 2012
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Mt. Pleasant, SC - Today in Texas, national conservative leaders united behind the candidacy of Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum made the following statement in response to the outpouring support.


Rick Santorum said: "This is an endorsement that was coveted by every campaign, and I am deeply honored by their support - it is a great day for our campaign. The process has worked, the voters have gotten a chance to hear from every candidate and explore their records. This endorsement is another indication that it is time to coalesce behind the full spectrum conservative in this race who will fight for their values and won't waiver when times get tough. Now is the time to stop a moderate from becoming our Party's nominee and to unite behind the one candidate who draws the sharpest contrasts with Barack Obama. I am thankful for this outpouring of support and for the momentum that is building behind our candidacy. Together, in the Fall, we can defeat Barack Obama and restore America."

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PRESS RELEASES from Newt 2012
January 14, 2012  5:17 p.m.

Evangelical Leaders Split Between Not Mitt and Not Mitt
Polls Show Conservatives Backing Gingrich in South Carolina

Columbia, S.C. - Newt 2012 spokesman R.C. Hammond released the following statement today: 

"Conservative evangelical leaders spoke very clearly today that Mitt Romney will not be the nominee.  It is encouraging for the Republican Party to have two choices in Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.  It is also encouraging that public opinion polls show South Carolina conservatives consolidating their support behind Newt Gingrich just a week before the all important First in the South Primary."
Four recent polls of the Palmetto State show Newt as emerging as the clear conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.

Public Policy Polling released their poll on Friday. It shows Newt's favorability rating going up four points in the last week while Mitt Romney's has gone down seven. Also, it shows that Newt is the top second choice of South Carolina voters.

When voters were asked who they most trusted on foreign policy, 52% said Newt. 18% answered Romney.


R.C. Hammond
Press Secretary

January 14, 2012  8:57 p.m.

150 Christian Leaders Unanimous in Their Support for Not-Romney

Atlanta, GA - Newt 2012 National Co-Chair J.C. Watts released the following statement today reacting to a meeting in Texas of Christian leaders splitting their support between Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. 
"Congratulations to Rick Santorum. It is a very strong sign for the GOP that Gingrich and Santorum were separated by only nine votes on the first ballot cast today. Both candidates have friends in the evangelical community who are committed to helping nominate a conservative. It is clear that 100% of those attending are not for Governor Romney, but in fact are splintered in whether to support Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum. With a great deal of respect, it is misleading for the Santorum campaign to claim they won the endorsement of 150 evangelical leaders."  

R.C. Hammond
Press Secretary