PRESS RELEASE from Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition

BREAKING: Iowa FFC Statement on GOP Presidential Endorsement

November 30, 2011

You may have seen recent news reports ( ) about the efforts by conservative leaders in Iowa to come to some general consensus about the who should be the GOP nominee to face off against President Obama next November. I was invited to attend an initial meeting and did so because our greatest hope is to restore America’s greatness and founding principles and we believe that changing the occupant of the White House is a major step towards setting our country back on the path towards conservative values.
Soon after that meeting, I told Jason Noble of the Des Moines Register that the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition would not endorse a candidate. I believe that it is the role of our members and supporters to endorse the candidate of their choice. There are many strong conservative candidates running and while none of them are perfect, our October 22nd Banquet highlighted for me just how blessed we are to have so many strong pro-life, pro-family, pro-national security and pro-freedom candidates running for the GOP nomination.
I will continue to reach out to and encourage all of the campaigns to speak a bold conservative message that unites values voters, economic conservatives and national security hawks.
Steve Scheffler, President, Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition



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