PRESS RELEASE from Gary Johnson 2012

October 4, 2011, Manchester, NH – Three Republican members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives have endorsed former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for the Republican presidential nomination, Johnson's campaign announced today.  The Representatives endorsing Johnson are Rep. Kyle Tasker (R-Northwood), Rep. Brian Seaworth (R-Pembroke) and Rep. Bruce MacMahon (R-Brentwood).

“Governor Gary Johnson served the people of New Mexico admirably throughout his two four-year terms in office. He is a strong fiscal conservative who shares New Hampshire's respect for personal liberty, and I am honored to endorse his candidacy," said Rep. Tasker of his endorsement.

“As voters in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, we have an opportunity to change the course of American politics by supporting Gary Johnson for president,” said Rep. Seaworth elaborating on his support. “Governor Johnson’s commonsense business approach to government proved to be very popular and successful in New Mexico, and his 'issues first, politics last' attitude would bring welcome change to Washington, DC.”

Rep. MacMahon wrote in the Brentwood Citizen Forum of his support saying in part, “Governor Johnson has proven himself to be a principled advocate for limited government, fiscal responsibility, constitutional ideals, and respect for individual liberties. He has the proven executive experience that we need in a president who will make the tough decisions required to bring this country back from the brink of fiscal ruin and restore the People’s faith in their federal government.”

These endorsements come as Governor Johnson on Wednesday begins his “Ride for Freedom” – a 458-mile bike ride across New Hampshire, taking place Oct 5-11.