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From The Desk of Jennifer Horn


Originally published in the New Hampshire Union Leader

By Jennifer Horn

April 27, 2011

As you sit drinking your coffee and catching up on the local news this morning Donald Trump is barnstorming the state, shaking hands, kissing babies and carrying groceries for little old ladies, working diligently to get a foothold in the first in the nation primary.  

Actually, he’s not doing any of these things, but if he was serious about exploring a run for president, he would be.  Today, as “the Donald” copters in to attend a few small, uber-private, highly secured meetings, New Hampshire becomes just the latest “date spot” in his love affair with the media. 

I understand that Donald Trump has built his fortune as much on his personality as on his investments and I understand that as long as people keep watching then the media will keep running with their coverage of this side show.  But when he takes his act on the road and parks out front in our beloved First in the Nation state, I figure it’s time to chime in.  

Donald Trump is like a cat with a length of yarn, who keeps jumping instinctively at the thread trying to grab it.  Trump can’t stop himself from reaching at the media attention that has erupted as a result of one well-placed birther comment.   

Now it has grown into a firestorm of attention so fierce that he’s practically giddy, unable to stop himself from spouting outrageous comments and placing himself ever more often in front of the cameras.  

Donald Trump is not a credible candidate for President and if the GOP allows him to hijack the primary process then they deserve exactly what they get.  

I’m not sure why anyone, including Mr. Trump himself, would even see him as a Republican candidate to begin with.  He has flip-flopped on his party registration more often than John Kerry on Iraq.  Trump was a Democrat, then a Republican then, in 2008, a Democrat and now he wants us to vote for him as a Republican?  Even the most experienced political operatives get whiplash trying to follow his record.  

His most recent exodus from the Republican rolls was over health care reform; Mr. Trump supports universal, government mandated, taxpayer funded health insurance for all.  I understand this is going to be a big issue in this primary, but Trump does not fall on the right side of the line.  

His political contributions reflect a history not of supporting principles and policy, but of supporting whichever candidate is in power in whatever city in which he happens to be building a tower, most recently a $50,000 gift to the mayoral campaign of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.  

Donald Trump would have us believe that only he can solve the challenges of an out of balance relationship with China, but he is short on details.  We already know that we must enforce our trade agreements, hold China accountable for devaluing the dollar and reassert our economic authority, but how?  By the sheer force of his personality?  If you recall, Barack Obama was going to use the same approach to right our relationships in the Middle East, and he has failed miserably.  

Donald Trump is a master of sound bites and our country’s most successful self-promoter.  He has gone bankrupt more often than most of us can imagine and managed to rebuild his fortune on the investment of other people’s money.   

In order to run a successful campaign he will either need to convince his investors to come up with another 500 million dollars or be willing to sell Mar-a-lago.  He will have to spend the next 19 months doing the hard work of campaigning, mixing and mingling with real people.   

I just don’t see it.  

As our nation continues down a perilous path toward economic collapse and the destruction of personal freedom, we are looking desperately for a principled, experienced leader.  We are looking for someone with a history of solving problems, with a heart for service and someone who shares our “America first” passion.   

We are looking for a commander in chief, someone who can be the leader of the free world, not a reality show character with an attitude.   

Sorry Mr. Trump, you are simply not qualified for the job.

Jennifer Horn is the President of We The People and was the 2008 Republican nominee for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd District.