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Columbus, OH, September 13, 2011. Grass roots leaders from across Ohio wish to make a very clear statement about the Presidential race – we endorse Dr. Ron Paul. A list of those leaders is at the bottom of this letter.

This statement is not an organizational endorsement, but instead a group of individual leaders who are tired of typical Republican establishment candidates whose rhetoric does not match their record. In this field, Dr. Paul is the singular defender of liberty, and has led the fight against big government in Washington for over 40 years. Rather than talk, he leads with his actions.

Ron Paul’s record of fiscal discipline is unmatched. In 12 congressional terms he has never voted for a tax increase. He has never voted for an unbalanced budget. He has never voted for a bailout. He has never voted for raising the debt ceiling.

Video on his consistency and adherence to principles:

Ron Paul has proven that he has the strength and integrity to resist special interests and remain firm in his fight for individual liberty and free markets. As a man of genuine integrity, he has been married to his wife for over 50 years. As a doctor he has delivered thousands of babies, and translating his personal integrity to professional integrity, he has never taken a government paid junket and returns a portion of his congressional budget every year.

Ron Paul’s knowledge of economics is unmatched among the other candidates. He has predicted that federal reserve policies would debase our currency and cause a decline in our standard of living. He predicted that a housing bubble would result from a policy of excessively low interest rates, and that would lead to an economic crash. The only candidate who can solve our economic problems is the only one who predicted them.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that calls for a constitutional foreign policy that does not weaken us economically and militarily. He will work for to bring home the troops and end national building. He will stop the trend of overextending our military and turning it into a global police force.

He enjoys the most support among the military as shown by campaign donations. He attracts voters from both political parties and especially pulls support from disillusioned Obama voters. His donations come from individuals rather than large corporations and special interests buying influence in government.

Ron Paul stands alone among the presidential candidates in fighting against government intrusions on our privacy and civil liberties. He stood up against the unconstitutional patriot act and is the only candidate we can trust to continue to defend individual liberty and the bill of rights in all cases.

It can be said no more simply than this – Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate who will move our Republic in the right direction, a direction committed to more freedom, prosperity, and peace, and that is our best hope for the future.

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Personal, Not Organizational, Endorsements for Dr. Ron Paul for President
-Joe Bozzi, Co-Founder, Ohio Freedom Alliance and Ohio Liberty Council
-Maurice Thompson, Executive Director - 1851 Center for Constitutional Law
-Chris Littleton, Co-Founder - Ohio Liberty Council, Board of Directors – Cincinnati Tea Party
-Dave Grabaskas and Clayton Stamper, Former Presidents, Young Americans for Liberty – Ohio State University
-Chris Morbitzer, Founder- Young Americans for Liberty, University of Cincinnati
-Jason Mihalick, Ohio activist leader for multiple organizations
-Jim Green, Co-Founder - North Central Conservatives, Board of Directors – Ohio Liberty Council
-Dan Lillback, Board of Directors - Cincinnati Tea Party
-Bill Williams, Founder - Central Ohio 9/12 Project
-Rob Bulas, Coordinator - Campaign for Liberty
-Julio Airaldi, National Coordinator - Sons of Liberty Riders
-Andy Myers, Organizer - Veterans For Ron Paul
-Cher Neufer, President - Ohio NORML
-Stephanie Kremer and Tiffany Hoelscher, Co-Founders - Mercer County Liberty Group
-Jack Sabo, Co-Founder - OH/PA 9-12 Project
-Denise Robertson, Co-Founder - Preble County Liberty Group
-George Moorman, Chairman - Vandalia Liberty Group
-Grant McCallum, Chairman - Cuyahoga County for Liberty
-Ken MacPherson, Founder - Trumbull County Liberty Group
-Daryl Klein, President - Brown County Tea Party
-Jim Lutz, Stark County Tea Party
-Jim Rovenski, Grandview Area Republican Club
-Laura Rosenberger, Coordinator- Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment
-Greg Larotonda, Coordinator - Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment
-Al Hyslip, Coordinator - Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment
-Peter Newstrom, Organizer - Lake County Liberty Group
-John Mitchel, Beavercreek Liberty Group
-Richard Trask, NE Ohio Tea Party
-Steve Berecek, Organizer - Columbiana, Mahoning, Jefferson County Liberty Groups