PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

For Immediate Release: February 28, 2012
Contact: Gary Howard

Ron Paul Endorsed by Vermont State Rep. Tom Burditt
“Ron Paul’s plan is to allow the individual to find his or her own success, for the individual is the most valuable commodity this nation has.”

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul received today the endorsement of Vermont state Rep. Tom Burditt.  Rep. Burditt is a freshman in the Vermont House and an active Tea Party member.  He represents the towns of West Rutland, Clarendon, Ira and Proctor.
In endorsing the 12-term Congressman from Texas, Rep. Burditt offered the following statement:
“Ron Paul is a defender of freedom.
“We are in a time when the government is crossing the line from regulation to oppression, and Ron Paul is the sole voice that reminds us what the founders meant when they spoke of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
“Ron Paul desires for this nation the freedom to act, the freedom to succeed, and the freedom to fail, without an over-intrusive government there to impede us, or offer us so-called help.
“Ron Paul’s plan is not to have a government that exists to coddle us and support us, or to invest in markets and industries it deems noble for the time being.
“Ron Paul’s plan is to allow the individual to find his or her own success, for the individual is the most valuable commodity this nation has.
“For this, and more, I endorse Ron Paul for the Presidency of the United States.”
Rep. Burditt is a resident of West Rutland, an independent-thinking Republican, and a small business owner whose family’s ancestral ties to the Green Mountain State have unfortunately been diluted.  His past affiliations include serving as a board member of the Rutland County Pro-Business Coalition, a select board member of the Town of West Rutland, and varsity wrestling coach at Rutland High School from 1997-2001.
A political novice although engaged in business and civic activities, he ran on a platform of helping his fellow Vermonters face the challenge of hardworking Vermont families leaving the state in search of opportunity.  His other main issues include job retention, curtailing the state’s high tax burden on individuals, improving educational outcomes, and establishing in the state a friendlier business jurisdiction vis a vis the region. 
A key driver of Rep. Burditt’s entrance into the political arena was when his children moved to Seattle, Washington because of the dearth of opportunity in Vermont.  His descendants came to America in 1653 and to Vermont in 1796.  He is the youngest of eight siblings and the last man standing in Vermont as his siblings move to different parts of the country seeking opportunity.
Rep. Burditt is a proud lifelong resident of the state and a graduate of Rutland Senior High School.  He describes himself an “extremely proud” father of two children and three grandchildren.