PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul 2012 PCC

For Immediate Release: March 6, 2012
Contact: Gary Howard

Ron Paul Endorsed by Actor Darren Burrows & Wife Melinda
Prominent Wichita local best known for ‘Northern Exposure’ role declares support for Dr. Paul

LENEXA, Kansas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was endorsed today by actor Darren Burrows, a Wichita resident known best for his role in the popular television series, “Northern Exposure.” 
In endorsing the 12-term Congressman from Texas, Mr. Burrows also was joined by his wife Melinda, and issued the following statement:
“Dr. Ron Paul has stood steadfast, as a man of integrity his entire public life.  In this day and age of ‘go along to get along,’ his constancy and incorruptibility are legendary in Washington.
“Ron Paul’s message of freedom and personal liberty for all, sound money, limited government, and a non-interventionist foreign policy is not a new one.  It is in fact actually and exactly the same message our founding fathers set forth so boldly when they put pen to paper in drafting that foundation of our great Republic, the Constitution.  It is precisely because the message is not his own that we can believe him and know he speaks the truth.
“Having never endorsed a politician before, I am so pleased and honored to have this opportunity to endorse Dr. Ron Paul as my candidate for President of the United States of America.  No one but Paul.”
The following biography was provided:
Darren Burrows was born in Winfield, Kansas.  He is best known for his six seasons playing Ed Chigliak in the hit television series Northern Exposure.  He has also worked with such notable directors as Brain DePalma, John Waters, Steven Spielberg, and Stephen Frears appearing in Casualties of War, Cry-Baby, Amistad, The Hi-Lo Country, Sunset Strip, Forty Shades of Blue, as well as Guest Starring on such series as X-Files and CSI.
Also publicly endorsing Dr. Ron Paul is Melinda Burrows, who issued the following statement:
“As a wife of 19 years and a mother of four sons, Dr. Ron Paul’s 55 years of steadfast dedication to his lovely wife, Carol, his five children and his 18 grandchildren speaks volumes to me about the kind of man he is.  This along with his constancy in standing for the cause of freedom and liberty makes me proud to endorse Dr. Ron Paul for the Presidency of the United States.”
Executive Chef Melinda Burrows is a French chef having trained in Paris, France at the prestigious Ecole Ritz-Escoffier de Gastronomie Française.  She has been a culinarian in many venues covering the globe, including specially preparing cuisines for recognized celebrities, movie stars and musicians.  Chef Burrows is the Campus Executive Chef at Wichita State University.