PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee
June 13, 2011

Ron Paul Receives Two More Key Endorsements

Gaining Essential GOP and Tea Party Support

ANKENY, IA –On Monday approximately 175 people attended a campaign event by Republican Presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul. At the event Paul received two more key Iowa endorsements. Republican State Central Committee member Jeremiah Johnson and Dubuque Tea Party Organizer Jeff Leucke both formally announced their endorsements of Ron Paul for the Republican Presidential nomination.

"I am proud to fully support Ron Paul as the Republican nominee for President," said Jeremiah Johnson. "I firmly believe he is the candidate who best understands our economy and has the best plan to get our nation past these difficult economic times." Johnson is a Republican Central Committee member representing the first Congressional District in Iowa.

Being deemed, "The Godfather of the Tea Party" by Fox News, Paul's additional endorsement from a key tea party leader is further evidence of the strong tea party support he has across Iowa.

"Ron Paul is a true statesman who represents the return to fiscal responsibility that the Tea Party is looking for," said Jeff Leucke, organizer of the Dubuque Tea Party. "Ron Paul gets it more than any other Republican candidate and he has the knowledge and electability necessary to take on Obama in November and win."

The announcement of endorsements came at an event Ron Paul held today in Dubuque as he met with Iowa voters and members of the media. The event was Ron Paul's sixth visit to Iowa in as many weeks. Ron Paul was stopping to campaign and meet with Iowa voters before he needed to fly to New Hampshire for the Republican Presidential debate this evening.


Drew Ivers, Campaign Chairman