PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Committee

For Immediate Release: July 13, 2011
Contact: Kate Schackai

Ron Paul Hires Key New Hampshire GOP Operative

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Long time New Hampshire Republican political consultant Chris Wood has joined the New Hampshire team of the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign as a key consultant on coalitions.

“Ron Paul is the only candidate who foresaw the economic crisis, and now has a clear vision of how to restore America. While other politicians wait and see where the wind blows, Paul stays true to his message of sound money, freedom and prosperity,” said Wood. “The system is broken, and you have to understand that to fix it.”

Wood is a highly regarded figure in the state’s political scene, and a veteran of the Buchanan, Forbes, and Thompson New Hampshire presidential primary campaigns. He has served as the Executive Director of New England Citizens for Right to Work, a Director of Granite State Taxpayers and the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, the Grassroots Director of NH Citizens for a Sound Economy, and as a consultant for the National Rifle Association.

Campaigns that have looked to Wood for expertise in New Hampshire include Craig Benson for Governor, Chuck Douglas for Congress, Peter Bragdon for State Senate, Ray Wieczorek for Mayor, and Frank Guinta for Mayor.

“For obvious reasons, we are very excited to have Chris join our team,” said Ron Paul 2012 New Hampshire State Director Jared Chicoine.

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