PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Committee
September 9, 2011

Ron Paul Iowa Team Announces New State Director
Many years in the trenches organizing campaigns

ANKENY, Iowa– Campaign Chairman Drew Ivers announced today that Michael Heath will lead Ron Paul to victory in the upcoming Iowa caucuses, scheduled for February 6, 2012.  Heath is new State Director for the campaign.

"It's great to have Mike on board,"  Said Ivers.  "He hit the ground running last week, and I have no doubt he will lead us to victory in 2012."

Heath is a veteran campaigner.  He joined a team that worked hard preparing for the straw poll in August.

Dr. Paul's strong finish in that contest, combined with initial work done by former Iowa State Director Steve Bierfeldt's team, provides a strong foundation for victory in the important caucus season that begins shortly.

After his success in the Iowa straw poll, Steve Bierfeldt is now taking on a new challenge leading Dr. Paul to victory in Nevada.

Heath knows that the campaign cannot wait until the New Year to prepare for the Iowa Caucuses.  Heath said, "We must prepare for 1784 precinct meetings that will be held on the same day and time sometime soon after the new year.  With the help of our energized base of volunteers all over Iowa we will be ready."

Michael Heath, State Director