PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Committee

For Immediate Release: September 21, 2011
Contact: Gary Howard
Clay County GOP Chair & Co-Chair Endorse Ron Paul for the Presidency
Kris Thiessen and Josh Davenport prefer Paul 

ANKENY, Iowa – The Iowa component of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign announced today that two Clay County Republican Party officials have endorsed Dr. Paul for President of the United States.
“The reason I was first impressed with Congressman Paul and continue to be is his strong stand to preserve our individual freedoms, personal responsibility and States’ rights, and to limit the power of the federal government,” said Clay County Republican Chair Kris Thiessen. 
The first round of federal bailouts and stimulus inspired Ms. Thiessen to organize Spencer’s first Tax Day Tea Party rally.  A small business owner for 25 years, she has been the Clay County GOP chair since July 2010.  Her husband George is a 20-year Navy reservist who served in Afghanistan in 2006 and supports Dr. Paul, as do the couple’s three children.
“I am starting to hear people say, ‘This is the Age of Ron Paul.’  I think they are right.  It’s the age where Americans across the country are saying our government is too big.  Republican candidate Congressman Ron Paul is the only one who will bring sanity to the White House,” said Ms. Thiessen.
Ms. Thiessen publicly endorsed Dr. Paul at his Spencer Town Hall on Tuesday, which attracted 135 supporters and interested voters.     
“Ron Paul’s economic plan and his principles of limited government are what our nation needs more than any other political promise that is being touted.  Whether we want to realize and admit it or not, things have really changed economically to the point of threatening our national security,” said Josh Davenport, Clay County Republican Party Co-Chair. 
Mr. Davenport is a Baptist pastor in Spencer, as well as a Spencer Tea Party leader. Mr. Davenport says that most people would consider him to be an evangelical fundamentalist Christian, and that he supported Mike Huckabee in the last presidential cycle.  Adding that he likes a lot of what Dr. Paul’s colleague Rep. Michele Bachmann says, he settled on the idea that Dr. Paul has a solid track record.   
“So many things have happened that Ron Paul said would happen, what he says makes sense to me and he has a proven legislative track record to prove what he would do as president.  Our nation is tired of the nonsense.  The people don’t want to vote for another party-establishment candidate who won’t dare to make the necessary changes and Ron Paul is the only one who can defeat President Obama in 2012,” said Mr. Davenport.
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