PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul 2012 PCC

For Immediate Release: November 1, 2011
 Kate Schackai

Ron Paul New Hampshire Team Names New Members of ‘Homeschoolers for Ron Paul’

Granite State national advisory board members to energize voters in key early voting state

Manchester, NH – The New Hampshire component of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today new members of the nationwide “Homeschoolers for Ron Paul” coalition formed to energize voters who value education choice.


The new “Homeschoolers for Ron Paul” national advisory board members include constitutional scholar Lee Button, former Rep. Tom Langlais (Merrimack, District 8) and Rep. Paul Ingbretson (Grafton, District 5).

“As a former eight-year member of the education committee of the house, I can assure you that our public schools are letting our citizens down,” said Rep. Ingbretson.  “Homeschooling is directed education, and it is open to all, even those with limited means.”  

Button added, “Parents are really the core educators of every child, and those who want to take on that role in its entirety should be free to do so.  Schools exist to serve children and families, not the other way around.  Ron Paul is the only candidate who has consistently fought to preserve parents’ right as educators.”

“Every child is an individual, and every parent should have the right to educate their child as they see fit,” said Tom Langlais.  “Ron Paul respects that, and we respect him.”

Below please find information on the new “Homeschoolers for Ron Paul” national advisory board members hailing from the Granite State:

Lee Button

· Epsom, NH

· Vice Chairman, National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies

· fmr Chairman, NH Constitution Party

· fmr President, Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire

· Homeschooling father of 6

Tom Langlais

· Epsom, NH

· fmr State Rep. (Merrimack, 8)

· Father of 5, Homeschooler of 4

Paul Ingbretson

· North Haverhill, NH

· State Rep. (Grafton, 5)

· Serves on the House Special Committee on Education Funding Reform

· Educator

· Artist


As a first basic step, those wanting to join the Homeschoolers for Ron Paul coalition should visit