PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul 2012 PCC
November 8, 2011

Ron Paul Campaign Announces ‘Hispanics for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition

National coalition formed to energize Hispanic voters

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today its “Hispanics for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition formed to energize Hispanic voters who support Dr. Paul.

The first “Hispanics for Ron Paul” members are people from across the nation having leadership positions within the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign.  Their membership in the coalition, then, demonstrates Hispanics’ support for Dr. Paul and the campaign’s willingness to recognize the talent of Americans of Hispanic ancestry.

“The principles of personal liberty, strong families and vision for economic prosperity resonate with me as both an American and an immigrant from Mexico.  Dr. Paul champions these principles and it is refreshing to support and work for someone who has been advocating freedom for a longer time period than I’ve been alive for,” said Fernando Cortes, Hispanic Outreach Director and Deputy Controller for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign.

“Our country is in need of leadership that will work to protect our freedoms rather than work to restrict them.  A Ron Paul presidency will ensure that liberty lives and thrives in America,” said Mr. Cortes.

In 2008, Mr. Cortes served as the Controller for the Ron Paul 2008 PCC at its headquarters in northern Virginia.  He has worked for the Leadership Institute, The American Conservative, and interned for the Heritage Foundation.  Mr. Cortes is also the Executive Director of the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program.

“As a business-owner living in Puerto Rico I feel every day the immense burden of big government’s regulations, bureaucracy, and over-taxation.  Ron Paul has unwaveringly stood up for liberty and a free-market economy, the founding principles that made our country great,” said Pedro Serra, who serves as the Washington State Executive Director for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign.

“As President, Dr. Paul will set the example for states, and nations around the world, to embrace liberty, peace, and prosperity,” said Mr. Serra, referring to the Texas Congressman as “Doctor” because Rep. Paul is by trade an OB-GYN who personally delivered more than 4,000 babies.

Mr. Serra is small business owner from San Juan, Puerto Rico and due to his campaign work he is currently based in Seattle, Washington.

“As a Mexican-born American citizen, I understand the hardships many Mexican families endure when struggling to survive and thrive.  Our current economy makes matters worse.  Citizens of this country are seeking an honest and truthful answer.  I support Ron Paul because his economic, immigration and foreign policies are consistent with the bottom line: people from all walks of life need a president who will cut spending, lower taxes and usher in a healthy economy,” said Zaira Dynia Valdovinos, who serves as a Regional Director for the Nevada component of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign.

“Immigration, in particular, is an issue dear to Hispanics and is also a pivotal issue to our ailing economy.  I fully support Ron Paul’s action plan to initiate a true immigration reform while not allowing amnesty to those illegally in the country.  Let the point be made clear: an illegal action is against the law, however, with respect to immigration, the law needs to be changed.  That is why I support Ron Paul; among his many sound stances on political issues, his stance on true immigration reform shines as a beacon of light for Hispanic people and for our country,” said Ms. Valdovinos, who is originally from Santa Maria, California.

Ms. Valdovinos works in the Nevada operation’s Reno office.  The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign also has a Henderson, Nevada office located minutes outside Las Vegas.

As a function of this announcement, all three members now serve on the national advisory board of “Hispanics for Ron Paul.”

As a first basic step, those wanting to join “Hispanics for Ron Paul” should visit