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Ron Paul Endorsed By Three New Hampshire Conservatives
22 State Reps now officially back Paul for president

CONCORD, N.H. – State representatives Guy Comtois (R-Center Barnstead), Seth Cohn (R-Canterbury), and Jonathan Maltz (R-Hudson), today join 19 other state legislators in endorsing 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul.
“We need action today to restore prosperity in this country; we can no longer push tough decisions into the future. Our economy will continue to tank with endless debt and spending,” said State Senator Jim Forsythe (R-Strafford), who chairs the Ron Paul campaign in New Hampshire.
“We faced a crushing deficit in this state, and these three legislators joined others to make the tough decisions to cut spending by an historic 11 percent in one year and balance the budget without increasing taxes. It’s no surprise that the conservatives who would take on that responsibility want to see the same kind of leadership in Washington.
“Unlike his rivals, Ron Paul has a credible economic plan to cut $1 trillion in one year and balance the federal budget in three. That’s New Hampshire medicine, and it’s what our national economy needs to get back on track.”