PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee
December 12, 2011

Ron Paul Endorsed by Manchester Alderman and State Representative

Joins Campaign as Manchester Co-Chair

CONCORD, N.H. – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign announced today the support of Manchester Alderman and State Representative, Phil Greazzo (R-Manchester). Rep. Greazzo both endorses Paul for the GOP nomination and joins fellow State Representative Cam DeJong as Manchester's campaign co-chair.

“Congressman Paul is the only person in the race who truly understands why our economy is failing, and is the only one who has outlined a real plan in for recovery,” Greazzo said. “He understands that only the private sector creates jobs, and the government needs to get out of the way and out of our wallets and allow private companies to expand, hire, innovate and lead our economy back to prosperity.

“As a former Army soldier, I look for a Commander in Chief who has served in the military and follows the Constitution when it comes to matters of war,” Greazzo added. “Ron Paul, having served, is the only candidate who would look to Congress for a declaration of war before sending troops to fight and die. He understands that we are not the world's police, and by acting as such, we have created a great many enemies and nearly bankrupted our country."

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