Beltway Happenings 
Oct. 30, 2010--At DNC headquarters on Capitol Hill following the Stewart-Colbert rally volunteers are busy making GOTV phone calls, including into Rep. Baron Hill's district in Southern Indiana.  According to the instructions:

You have three main goals today:
1. Reconnect with infrequent voters as well as people who voted for the first time in the 2008 Presidential election, and tell them about the upcoming election on November 2nd.
2. Remind supporters of their Early Vote Location and the times that they can still early vote.
3. Let people know where their Election Day polling location is and make sure they understand the voting process.

A bus with volunteers leaves for Cleveland, OH.
Meanwhile at RNC headquarters, Chairman Michael Steele has returned from the "Fire Pelosi" bus tour which took him to 48 states and is meeting with senior staff. 

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