PRESS RELEASE from Buddy Roemer for President

For Immediate Release
May 18, 2012
Contact: Carlos Sierra

Gov. Roemer's Statement on Americans Elect

Baton Rouge, LA –Governor Buddy Roemer issued the following statement concerning the conclusion of the Americans Elect nomination process: 

I am disappointed in the decision of Americans Elect to discontinue their online nominating process. As in any new process, Americans Elect's procedure was ripe with difficulty related to access, validation and security issues. This is not unexpected, but I thank them for their effort at choice and reform.

I am taking the next few days to review with supporters how best to proceed from here. A political system corrupted by special interest money and a Party duopoly addicted to that same money demands reform. We aim to figure out the best way to deliver the message and highlight examples which best prove this point.

A great nation in trouble deserves leadership with two clear, compatible goals: jobs and justice.

It begins with reform.

I am not willing to let the issue of reform die with Americans Elect. Our Republic needs it now more than ever.                 

Governor Buddy Roemer is a four-term Congressman and former Governor of Louisiana. He is known for refusing PAC and special interest money, implementing campaign finance reform, turning around Louisiana’s failing economy and cutting the state’s unemployment rate in half in just four years. His website is