EMAIL from Saul Anuzis, Republican National Committeeman from Michigan

Mitt Romney for President

After watching the last two debates, I have decided to publicly endorse and actively work in support of Mitt Romney’s effort to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  There are four primary reasons for my support:

ONE:  He is uniquely qualified to serve as President - no one is better prepared.

TWO: He can beat Barrack Obama in November, early polls showing his strength.

THREE: He is a strong leader & has a vision to make America strong & prosperous.

FOUR: Mitt Romney will make Michigan competitive for Republicans in 2012 on the day he wins the nomination.

I have watched the nominating process unfold and as I have said over and over again, there is NOTHING more important for our country and our children than stopping Barack Obama and his policies.

To paraphrase William F. Buckley, I think now, more than ever, it makes sense to support the most conservative candidate who can win…Mitt Romney is that candidate and now is the time to start rallying our forces.

I’m a big fan of Newt Gingrich and Thad McCotter…but they don’t seem to be in position to get the nomination, let alone put together an effort to defeat Obama. I have tremendous respect of Tim Pawlenty’s past efforts.  I’m intrigued and look forward to getting to know Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and Ron Paul…all who have an important message to deliver and add to the debate.

However, this elections is so important and the task at hand so daunting I believe only the strongest, best organized, best financed and best prepared candidate can effectively challenge Barack Obama this fall across our entire country.

Romney’s singular focus on job creation combined with his Michigan roots and ability to relate to the hopes and dreams of native Michiganders make him Mark Brewer’s worse nightmare.

The most pressing issue facing Michigan and America is JOBS and our economy.  No other candidate has the knowledge and experience creating jobs and turning things around.  You can look at Mitt’s experience in turning around the Olympics, putting Massachusetts on a strong economic footing while cutting taxes 19 times and his lifetime career in the private sector.    

Michigan clearly wants leadership with private sector experience because government has demonstrated they don't have all the answers.  America needs someone who gets it, who’s been there and done that, someone to help restore America’s confidence and greatness.  We need something more than another career politician because it’s career politicians have gotten us into this mess and they aren't going to get us out.  Mitt is a conservative businessman and that's the experience he will bring to the White House to turn our economy around.

To put it succinctly, with 25 years of experience in the private sector, Mitt Romney knows how our economy works and how to implement pro-growth policies that will produce jobs.  Mitt is clearly the strongest candidate to take on President Obama and he has the skills needed to rein in spending, control our exploding deficits and bring fiscal sanity back to Washington.

Mitt Romney has taken a common sense conservative approach on issue after issue.  From his jobs program, to taxes to support for a strong defense, his positions are sound.  While some question his position as Governor on healthcare, we need to remember he was able to create their state’s program without raising taxes and by implementing a free-market plan, not a government plan.  I believe that difference will be a strong issue for us when taking on Obama.  He has also been clear that it was a state approach, which may not work in other states.  That is why the issue should be addressed at the state level, not the federal level.  And he is 100% clear on this:  as President he will REPEAL Obamacare, and on day one will give all 50 states waivers from complying with Obamacare.

In the end, our goal is to put America back on the right track.  We need to do whatever it takes to win this election and stop the dangerous policies of Barack Obama and his allies in the Democratic Party.  They have put our country in a tenuous position economically, abroad and in my opinion – challenged the fundamental constitutional tenants of our limited republican form of government.

Elections are about choices.   And the stakes for our country are too high to ignore and/or just sit on our hands.

I firmly believe that Governor Mitt Romney is the right man, at the right time to step up and serve our country.  As with every candidate, there will be things I don’t necessarily agree with or may have done differently myself.  However, the ultimate test comes in the comparison to Barack Obama, his policies and Romney’s ability to offer our country a viable alternate.

Romney is tested, he’s ready, he’s committed and he is best prepared for the challenge ahead.  I urge you to join me in supporting Mitt Romney to be our next President of the United States of America!

Saul Anuzis

Republican National Committeeman for Michigan

PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

September 15, 2011

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today welcomed the support of former Michigan Republican Party chairman and current Michigan Republican National Committeeman, Saul Anuzis.
“Saul Anuzis is a widely respected leader of the conservative grassroots movement, not only in Michigan, but across the country,” said Mitt Romney.  “I am thrilled to have him on board our leadership team in a critical state like Michigan.”
“I am proud to endorse Mitt Romney for President,” said Anuzis, “His singular focus on fixing our economy combined with his Michigan roots and ability to relate to the hopes and dreams of Michigan voters make him the one candidate that can and will beat Barack Obama.”
“The most pressing issue facing Michigan and America is jobs and our economy,” said Anuzis. “You can look at Mitt’s experience in turning around the Olympics, putting Massachusetts on a strong economic footing while cutting taxes 19 times and his career as a conservative businessman and see that he has the skills and experience needed to be President.”
Background On Saul Anuzis:
In 2005 and again in 2007, Saul  Anuzis was unanimously elected Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. In 2009, he was elected as Republican National Committeeman for Michigan, and serves as Chairman of the RNC Technology Committee.
Saul Anuzis is a regular contributor to many other right-of-center blogs, and is recognized by many as one of the most tech-savvy RNC members in the country, leading the way in the use of technology as a tool in political party communications.