PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President
Contact: Romney Press Office
January 12, 2012

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of Missouri leaders, including Congressman Billy Long.
“It’s an honor to have the support of so many conservative Missouri leaders,” said Mitt Romney. “This level of support shows that my message of restoring fiscal sanity to Washington is resonating with voters across the country. These supporters will be crucial to help me spread my message of creating jobs and cutting spending in the months to come.” 
“I’m extremely proud to support a true conservative like Mitt Romney,” said Congressman Billy Long. “Missouri voters — as well as voters across the country — are looking for someone who will reverse President Obama’s failed policies. Mitt Romney will get rid of Obamacare, stop our government’s out-of-control spending, and — most important of all — create jobs for the American people. If conservatives are serious about getting our country back on track, Mitt Romney is the clear choice.”
Senate President Pro Tem Rob Mayer said, “The next election will be one of the most important in generations. We can choose to continue on the high-spending and economically stagnant path we are on, or we can elect Mitt Romney, a conservative businessman with a lifelong record of results. Missouri voters are looking for a change in direction for our country – that is why they will support Mitt Romney.”
Missouri Leaders Supporting Mitt Romney:
Congressman Billy Long
Senate President Pro Tem Rob Mayer
State Sen. Dan Brown
State Sen. Mike Parson
State Sen. David Pearce
State Sen. Kurt Schaefer
State Rep. Kathy Conway
Cass County Committeeman Ryan Johnson
St. Louis County Committeeman Jim Gwinner