PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of over forty business leaders from Colorado.
“These leaders from the Colorado business community understand how the policies of the Obama Administration have made it harder to grow and hire,” said Mitt Romney. “By over-regulating and expanding the government at the expense of the private sector, President Obama has stifled the entrepreneurial spirit of job creators in Colorado and across the country. I will work with these business leaders to lessen the regulatory burden and shrink government so that the private sector can thrive and create jobs.”
“Job creators in Colorado and across the country support Mitt Romney because he knows that the only way Washington can help create jobs is by getting out of the way of innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Liberty Media Corporation CEO Greg Maffei. “No other candidate, in the Republican field and certainly not in the White House, has his understanding of how the economy works and how jobs are created. With Mitt Romney in the White House, job creators can be confident that they will have a president who will encourage private sector job growth and who will make sure that Washington does not stand in the way of the American entrepreneurial spirit.”

Business Leaders From Colorado Supporting Mitt Romney:

Greg Maffei, CEO, Liberty Media Corporation

Philip F. Anschutz, Chairman & CEO, The Anschutz Company

Wil Armstrong, CEO Blueberry Systems, LLC

Bob Manning, Managing Principal, M2P Capital

W.  Phillip Marcum, Denver

Mike Moniz, CEO, Circadence

Gary A. Wright, CEO G.A. Wright, Inc.

Jim Possehl, Chairman of the Board, Republic Financial Corporation

John M. Fox, Chairman, Mak-J Energy

David D. Jenkins, Partner, Norwood Development

Steve Lockton, Exec. Vice President, Lockton Companies, LLC

John Sevo, Managing Director, Spectrum Retirement

Jack Overstreet, President, Next-Energy, LLC

Travis Martinez, Owner of Urban West LLC

Paul Archer, Owner, Automated Business Products

Don Bailey, Chairman & CEO, Triton Investments

Bob Beauprez – Former U.S. Representative and Rancher

Scott Congel, Chairman, SRC Development, LLC

Jim Hooper, Attorney, Wheeler, Trigg O’Donnell LLP

Lou Hutchison, Co-Founder, HealthTrans & CEO, Apokalyyis, Inc.

Bill Hybl, Colorado Springs

JJ Ament, Littleton, CO

Ralph Klomp, Owner, Trice Jewelers

Bruce Payne, President & Chief Financial Officer, Laramie Energy

Charlie McNeil, CEO, NexGen Resources Corporation

Kevin Mitchell, Partner, RedCloud Capital, LLC

Blair Richardson, Managing Partner, Bow River Capital

Bill Smith, President, Wm. Smith & Co.

Walker Stapleton, Colorado Treasurer

Paul Zecchi, CEO & President, Central Resources, Inc.

Earl Wright, CEO, AMG National Bank

Carl Williams, Retired CEO, Carl M. Williams & Assoc., Inc.

Bob Greenlee, Managing Partner, Greenlee Capital Parners, LLLP

Max Caulkins, Principal, Thrumcap Capital

Ted Millice, President, The Millice Group, Ltd.

Victor Mitchell, CEO & Chairman, Relogic

Kevin O’Hara, CEO, Integra Telecom

Jerry Natividad, President, American Facility Services Group, Inc.

John Harpole, CEO, Mercator Energy

Thomas Roche, CEO, Roche Constructors, Inc.

Dick Robinson, Robinson Dairy

Doug Robinson, Managing Director, St. Charles Capital

Dick Saunders, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Saunders Construction

Jon L. Kinning, Vice President, RK Mechanical, Inc.

Charlie Peck, CEO, Destination Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

Neal Groff, Founder & Chairman, The Madison Group

Katherine Loo, Colorado Springs

Jay Cimino, CEO, Phil Long Dealerships


*Company/business names are provided for identification purposes only.