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CONTACT: Romney Press Office

February 16, 2012

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.
“I am humbled to have the support of Governor Snyder,” said Mitt Romney. “Michigan is where I grew up. Getting the state back on track is personal for me. Governor Snyder is a businessman like me and understands first-hand how the Obama Administration has stifled job growth and economic expansion in Michigan. Along with the work of conservative leaders like Governor Snyder, we will be able to restore Michigan’s once-thriving economy and help the state lead a national economic recovery.”
Announcing his support, Governor Rick Snyder said, “Job One in Michigan is jobs. Michigan needs Washington to be an active, innovative and supportive partner in its reinvention so that we can put families back to work and give our children the fulfilling opportunities they deserve. Mitt Romney gets it. He understands the economy and will work with states to create an environment that encourages job growth. Mitt spent his career in the private sector. I am confident that he has the background, courage and vision to get our nation on the path to fiscal responsibility and prosperity. While I respect all candidates in the field, we need someone from outside the broken Beltway system to turn America's economy around. I urge all Michigan voters to support Mitt Romney. Our state deserves a leader like him.”
Background On Governor Snyder:
Governor Snyder Was Elected In 2010. During his time as governor, Snyder has focused on cutting government spending to encourage economic growth in Michigan. Prior to his election, Snyder worked for Gateway computer company and was the founder of an investment firm.