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CONTACT: Romney Press Office

February 20, 2012

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, former Michigan State Senator Alan Sanborn, Macomb County, and former State Representative Bill Runco, Wayne County.
“I’m proud to earn the support of more Michigan leaders,” said Mitt Romney. “They have been longtime voices in Michigan for conservative principles. They share my views of limited government and creating an economic climate to foster growth and empower small businesses. In the coming days, their support will be crucial in spreading this message to Michigan voters.”
“In order to change business as usual in Washington, we need someone from outside Washington as president,” said Sheriff Mike Bouchard. “Mitt Romney spent his life outside Washington, working in the private sector, growing companies and utilizing conservative principles in the real world. This is the leadership that we need at this critical moment, both for Michigan and the country. I am proud to support Mitt Romney and encourage all of those who want someone with a record of results in the White House to come out and vote for Mitt Romney next Tuesday.”
Announcing his support, former State Senator Alan Sanborn said, “Michigan voters are looking for a clear conservative that will reverse the failed policies of the last four years. That’s why I’m proud to stand with Mitt Romney. He has a track record of balancing budgets and turning troubled enterprises around. That’s the type of leadership we need in Washington. I urge my fellow Michiganders who want to defeat President Obama and elect a conservative who will bring change to join me in supporting Mitt.”
“Mitt Romney is the conservative candidate we need to lead our country,” said former State Representative Bill Runco. “He has a bold plan to bring fiscal sanity back to Washington by cutting spending, balancing the budget, and reforming entitlements. Americans cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama. His policies have failed the country and failed Michigan. I trust that Mitt Romney has the proven leadership and experience to get our country back on track.”
Background On Sheriff Mike Bouchard:
Mike Bouchard Is The Sheriff Of Oakland County, Michigan. Prior to becoming Oakland County Sheriff, Bouchard served in the Michigan State Senate for eight years. Bouchard has been a Republican candidate for Governor and Senator in Michigan.
Background On Alan Sanborn:
Alan Sanborn Was Elected To The Michigan State Senate In 2001. Sanborn previously served in the Michigan House of Representatives in 1998. He was also a Macomb County probation officer for twenty years. He and his wife Lori reside in Richmond, Michigan.
Background On Bill Runco:
Mr. Runco Was A Judge Of The 19th District Court For Twelve Years And A Member Of The Michigan Legislature For 6 Years Prior To His Judgeship. He is a member of the Michigan Republican State Committee and chairman of the Wayne County Republican Committee.  Mr. Runco is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School.