PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

February 21, 2012

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of conservationist and renowned hunter Rob Keck.
“It has been a pleasure to know Rob and spend time with him,” said Mitt Romney. “Rob represents the best in our country’s long hunting tradition. As president, I will work with fine sportsmen and women like Rob to ensure that this tradition can continue and thrive.”
Announcing his support, Rob Keck said, “As a hunter, as a conservationist, and as a father and grandfather, I’m very concerned about the future of America and the ability we have to pass along our rich hunting and angling heritage to the next generation. In order to ensure that America’s future is as bright as our past, we need an outstanding and trusted leader, someone who understands business and can fix our economy – that man is Mitt Romney. Mitt also understands the importance of wildlife conservation, as well as hunting and angling’s economic and political engine that powers America. He will ensure that this tradition continues and is strengthened.
“It is time to ‘Answer the Call,’ and express the power of the American sportsmen and women. I urge you to head to the polls this primary season and put Mitt Romney in the White House. He will fix America and lead the way in helping protect and preserve our rich hunting and fishing heritage. Please cast your vote for Mitt in this primary season and elect him this November.”
Background On Rob Keck:
Rob Keck Is An Outdoor Television Host, Renowned Hunter and Conservationist. Rob is currently the Director of Conservation at Bass Pro Shops and is the past CEO at the National Wild Turkey Federation.