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CONTACT: Romney Press Office

February 24, 2012

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of Tea Party leaders in Michigan.
“In my campaign, I have fought for the conservative principles of lower spending, lower taxes and less government intrusion into our lives and our businesses,” said Mitt Romney. “The Tea Party has been at the frontline of this same fight. Along with the help of these Tea Party leaders, we can defeat President Obama and finally get Washington out of the way.”
Maribeth Schmidt, Co-Founder Of Rattle With Us: "As a mother of three and a Tea Party activist, my main concern is the 15 trillion dollar debt and I believe that Governor Romney has it right when he says that he will look at every government program and ask two questions: ‘Can we afford it?’ and if not, ‘Is it important enough to borrow money from China for?’ His positions on the national debt, Right to Work, domestic energy, and reducing the wages of government employees to match the private sector are why I am supporting him in Tuesday's primary."
Dennis Moore, Founder/Former Director-Willow Run Tea Party Caucus: “Leaders lead without putting a wetted finger in the air seeking consensus. Mitt Romney will be a ‘Reaganesque’ president. I could not in good conscience watch as the Tea Party invokes a litmus test that Ronald Reagan himself would have failed. So I led by personally endorsing Mitt Romney.  This country needs Mitt Romney!”
Leisa Audette And Patty McMurray, Red Heels On The Ground:  “We are two stay-at-home moms who are very active in the Tea Party and grassroots movement in Michigan. We are dedicated to ensuring that our children will have the same opportunities that our generation was afforded.  Unless the right candidate is elected in the upcoming Presidential race, they will never have that privilege. We've burdened them with a national debt and tax structure that only a serious candidate with exceptional business experience and proven successes will be able to turn around. We need a president that will not divide us but instead, unite us with our common belief in American exceptionalism. We believe that Mitt Romney is the only candidate who has the ability to accomplish all of these things, because we feel that he sincerely believes in the greatness of America!”
Rose Drouillard, Brighton Tea Party Board Member: “Prior to the Romney Tea Party event last night at Bakers in Milford, I was vacillating between two candidates.  After a day of careful consideration of Gov. Romney's presentation, I am personally endorsing Governor Mitt Romney for President because I believe he is the candidate that has the best chance to defeat President Obama. If he follows through with everything that he spoke about in his presentation, our country will be able to change course and be the exceptional nation we once were.”

Marco Lollio, Owner Of Marlo Trucking: “Governor Romney addressed many of the concerns small businesses are experiencing under the current administration. It would be a positive change to have someone as President who knows what it takes to not only create jobs but also keep the ones I have! His words strengthened my belief that he understands that the next president’s top priority is creating jobs!”
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