PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President
March 2, 2012
Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced a diverse leadership team heading up his Ohio Conservatives Coalition.

“I believe America’s best days are ahead if we return our government to the constitutional spirit of our founders and the conservative principles of lower spending, lower taxes and less government intrusion into our lives and our businesses,” said Mitt Romney.  “Building this coalition of conservative Republicans reflective of my values and vision for America is vital to the effort to defeat Barack Obama in November.”

The Ohio Conservatives for Romney Leadership Committee will head up the effort to recruit conservative activists throughout the state to assist with voter education and GOTV strategies.
“Conservatives have one unifying desire and that is to see Barack Obama defeated in November,” said State Co-Chair Ron Beshear. “But in Mitt Romney we have something more than just a great candidate, we have a conservative leader who is prepared to govern on day one of his Presidency.”
“Mitt Romney is pro-life, pro-family, and has a unifying vision for America,” said Dr. Mark Smith.  “Romney represents the best opportunity for America to regain its footing as the moral and economic leader of the free world.”
The Ohio conservative grassroots activists ready to be announced are as follows:
Honorary Chair
The Honorable Dave Yost, Ohio State Auditor
Ron Beshear, Conservative donor and activist; retired managing partner of Cincinnati investments and insurance firm; founding board member of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy; past Board Member of Vineyard Community Church, Athletes in Action, and numerous other Ohio Christian and faith-based organizations
Dr. Mark Smith, President of Ohio Christian University; Vice Chair of the Ohio Faith and Freedom Coalition
State Steering Committee
Jack Boyle, Co-founder of the Northeast Ohio Center Right Coalition; served as the Chair of Citizens United To End Ohio’s Estate Tax; served as State Director for Americans for Prosperity
Eddie Foe, Conservative activist from SW Ohio; Board Member of the Ohio Faith and Freedom Coalition
Jon Hensler, Board Member of the Jackson County Tea Party
Shelly Huntington, Montgomery County Tea Party activist
Marv Krinsky, Chairman of the Board of the conservative Ashbrook Center at Ashland University
Susan McLaughlin, Board Member of the Liberty Township Tea Party
Chuck Mifsud, Attorney; conservative activist; former Treasurer of Ohio Right to Life
James Walters, Chair of the Citizen Tea Party Coalition Inc. PAC; past board member of Ohio Right to Life
Andrew Staroska, conservative blogger; COO of; past board member of the Ohio Liberty Council
Zach Upton, Beaver Creek City Councilman; President of the Greene County Young Republicans.
John Wittman, conservative activist; former assistant press secretary to American Cause; former field director for Team America PAC
* Titles for organizations used in this release are for identification purposes only and do not necessarily constitute endorsements from those respective organizations.