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March 13, 2011

Boston, MA – Today, Pennsylvania Republican leaders and elected officials announced their support for Mitt Romney. The Pennsylvania leaders and elected officials include new endorsements from Congressmen Bill Shuster and Charlie Dent.
Announcing the additional endorsements, Pennsylvania Congressman Jim Gerlach said, “Governor Romney is best suited to fix our economy. Pennsylvanians want a leader in the White House that will have a bold plan to create jobs, bring home energy security, and right our country's financial ship. Governor Romney is that leader.”
“Hardworking taxpayers across the 15th District, Pennsylvania and America are looking for someone who will fight for them as President,” said Congressman Charlie Dent. “I am endorsing Governor Romney because he's the Presidential candidate that will give Americans what they want and need – a fair shot at economic opportunity and prosperity for their families. We've spent four years ‘hoping’ in this country – now it's time for results. Look at his record and you will see – in both the private sector and in service to the public – Mitt Romney delivers results.”
“After studying the candidates throughout this primary process, it is clear that there is one candidate who can win in November and fix our economy,” said Congressman Bill Shuster. “Mitt Romney has demonstrated in this campaign, in business, in the Olympics and as a governor that he is ready to be president on day one. That is why I support him and why support for his campaign is growing in Pennsylvania.”
Pennsylvania Leaders Announcing Their Support For Mitt Romney Today:
Congressman Jim Gerlach
Congressman Bill Shuster
Congressman Charlie Dent
Former Congressman Phil English
Alan Novak, Former Chairman, Republican State Committee of PA
Bob Asher, RNC National Committeeman for PA
Jim Roddey, Allegheny County GOP Chair and Former Allegheny County Executive
Andy Reilly, Delaware County GOP Chair
Dwight Weidman, Franklin County GOP Chair
Don Adams, Independence Hall Tea Party (Philadelphia)