PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

March 26, 2012


Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of California Congressman Kevin McCarthy. Congressman McCarthy will serve as a California Statewide Chair.

“Kevin has been a leading voice in the effort to cut spending, reduce burdensome regulations, and make government more accountable to the taxpayers,” said Mitt Romney. “I share this vision for our country and look forward to working with Kevin on these issues so that we can fix our economy and get the country back on track.”
Announcing his support, Majority Whip McCarthy said, “After a long and grueling primary, it is clear that Mitt Romney is the best candidate to face President Obama and fix the mess of his one and only term. Republicans need to unite and work together if we plan to take back the White House and put in place policies that will get our nation back on a path to prosperity by reducing taxes, shrinking government, and empowering the private sector. I am proud to support Mitt Romney and urge my fellow Republicans to do the same.”
Background on Majority Whip McCarthy:
Congressman McCarthy Represents California’s 22nd District. Congressman McCarthy has served since 2007 and was elected by his fellow Republicans to serve as the House Majority Whip. Prior to his election to Congress, McCarthy started his own small business before the age of 21 and also served as district director for Congressman Bill Thomas. Kevin is a native of Bakersfield and a fourth-generation Kern County resident where he lives with his wife and two children.