PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

March 26, 2012


Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of Carly Fiorina.
“I’m extraordinarily proud to earn Carly’s support,” said Mitt Romney. “She is a strong conservative with a long record of accomplishment in the real world. I am running for President to bring these same much-needed qualities to Washington. In the months to come, I look forward to her counsel and advice as we look to reverse Barack Obama’s disastrous economic policies and restore America’s promise.”
“While I also admire his opponents, it is now clear that Mitt Romney is the candidate most able to defeat Barack Obama in November,” said Carly Fiorina. “Mitt Romney's unique experience in both the public and private sectors prepares him best for the challenges that face our nation. As his track record amply demonstrates, he will focus on the real reforms we so urgently need in Washington and work to restore economic opportunity for all Americans. This election is too important to lose and that's why I urge my fellow Republicans to join me in supporting Mitt Romney.”
Background On Carly Fiorina:
Carly Fiorina Served As Chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard For Six Years. In 2010, she was the Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate in California. Before her time at Hewlett-Packard, she was a senior vice president at AT&T and Lucent. In 2008, she served as an advisor to the McCain-Palin campaign. Fiorina is currently the Vice-Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.