PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

March 29, 2012

Boston, MA – Romney for President today announced its Maryland Women for Mitt coalition.
“President Obama’s policies have been devastating for our country’s families and for future generations,” said Mitt Romney. “Instead of enacting policies that create jobs, President Obama has grown government and added to our national debt which will have to be paid off by future generations. I am running to ensure that the future is as bright for our children and grandchildren as it was for my generation.”
Kendel Ehrlich, Chair of Maryland Women for Mitt, said, “Women in Maryland and across the country back Mitt Romney because he is fighting for the issues that are important to us: bringing back steady jobs, making sure our country remains safe, and putting an end to the over-spending in Washington. He is a proven leader who will be able to bring change to the broken system in Washington and restore America’s promise. We support Mitt because Maryland deserves a leader like him and we encourage Maryland voters to support him next week.”

Maryland Women for Mitt

Kendel Ehrlich, Chair

Loretta Shields, Co-Chair

Audrey Scott, Co-Chair

Katja Bullock, Co-Chair

Amber Mulcare

Andi Morony

Addie Eckardt

Ann Miller

Annie Laurie Cechini

Barbara Coward

Barbara Yadvish

Beth Mulcahey

Betsy Merena

Bonnie N. Luna

Brenda Butcsher

Carolyn Melby

Catherine Grasso

Cathy Willauer

Cathy Sue Bunge

Cecilia Bullough

Corinne Timmons-Brieker

Denise Lovelady

Diana Waterman

Diane Butler

Elizabeth Zelinger

Emily Tocknell

Esther Sodani

Heather Thompson

Heidi Lippy Sprinkle

Hilary Pennington

Hillary Bombard

Hiroko Bledsoe

Janet Moye-Cornick

Jennifer Torgerson

JoAnn Fisher

Joan Rothchild

Joan M. Wood

Josephine Wang

Joyce Pope

Joyce Terhes

Kathleen Schiller

Kathy Szeliga

Kathy Afzali

Kristina Deignan

Lasca Low

Lisa Kittleman

Lisa Schoenbrodt-Myers

Laura Kittleman

Laura Murphy

Lindsay Dodd

Lynda  Del Castillo

Lynne DeMinco

Marcia Gross

Marilee Kerns

Marina Hardy

Martha Schaerr

Martha Pritzker

Mary Burke-Russell

Mary Rolle

Mary Kane

Michelle Mayer

Mihaela Cropsey

Myrna  Gatto

Patricia Andrews Meigs

Patrissha Peters

Rita Friedman

Rosemary Marks

Stephanie Bagley

Susan Krebs

Theresa Goddard

Vanessa Alban