PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

March 29, 2012

Boston, MA – Romney for President today announced its Wisconsin Women for Mitt coalition.
“I am running to ensure that our future generations aren’t saddled with trillions of dollars in debt, can find a good job, and comfortably raise their families,” said Mitt Romney. “These women realize that we need new leadership in Washington if we are going to restore America’s promise and keep our future bright.”
Wisconsin Women for Mitt Chair State Senator Alberta Darling said, “Women in Wisconsin support Mitt Romney because he has a bold plan to fix our economy and get government out of our lives. President Obama came to Wisconsin four years ago and promised to fix Washington but in one term he has only made things worse. We need a conservative outsider like Mitt Romney to shake up Washington and make sure that future generations are not burdened by the failed policies of the current administration.”
Wisconsin Women for Mitt

Brown County – Jess Gavic  

Chippewa County – Charlotte Rasmussen   

Dane County – Kimberly Zak

Dane County – Margaret Morrison    

Dane County – Marilyn Stauter         

Dane County – Maria Moeller           

Dane County – Rachel Lake 

Dane County – Lynda Patterson       

Dane County – Mary Baldwin           

Dane County – Tracy Schwartz        

Dodge County – Lucinda Wagner      

Dodge County – Tammy Giesick      

Dodge County Muriel Jane Harper    

Douglas County – Donna Pavlovich 

Dunn County – Sharon Wilkins         

Florence County – Barbara Dagostino          

Green County – Marilyn Jegerlehner

Jefferson County – Betsey Delorey  

Juneau County – Carrie Dutscheck  

Kewaunee County – Natalie Holliday

La Crosse County – Lauren Ann Rehrauer

Lafayette County – Pearl Soper        

Lincoln County – Patricia Heller        

Manitowoc County – Maria Forster

Marathon County – Marlene Krenz   

Marinette County – Arleen Messenger          

Marquette County – Roberta Brown 

Milwaukee County – Michell Prescott           

Milwaukee County – Julie Koss        

Milwaukee County – Laila Matinian   

Milwaukee County – Pamela Cannon           

Milwaukee County – Shirley Steele  

Milwaukee County – Marian Manyo 

Milwaukee County – Michelle Lund Baron    

Milwaukee County – Carolyn Viste   

Milwaukee County – Ann Atkielski    

Milwaukee County – Mary Armata   

Milwaukee County – Felicia Radke   

Milwaukee County – Constance Haas          

Milwaukee County – Carol Scudder 

Milwaukee County – Elsie Thompson           

Milwaukee County – Audrey Hansen

Milwaukee County – Jessica Malueg

Milwaukee County – Gail Kolosovsky           

Milwaukee County – Barbara Axline 

Monroe County – Grace Konish        

Oneida County – Margaret Moyer    

Outagamie County – Doris Heiss      

Pepin County – Irene Schuh 

Polk County – Joyce Anderson         

Portage County – Virginia Wentzel    

Richland County – Merna Queen      

St. Croix County – Shirley Strobush 

Trempealeau County – Julie Hallam 

Vilas County – Joyce Mitchell           

Walworth County – Bonnie Allegretti 

Walworth County – Angela Shaffer   

Washington County – Britney Fitzpatrick      

Waukesha County – Cindy Seidle     

Waukesha County – Carrie Vissering           

Waukesha County – Ann Daniel       

Waukesha County – Teresa Smith   

Waukesha County – Sandy Harsh    

Waukesha County – Mary Krajnak   

Waukesha County – Mary Jo Baas  

Waukesha County – Arlene Haas     

Waukesha County – Barbara Kellogg           

Waushara County – Patricia Miller    

Winnebago County – Lauree Frechette        

Winnebago County – Jenna Kienbaum

Winnebago County – Dianne Komenaka