PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

March 30, 2012


Boston, MA – Romney for President today announced its Maryland Veterans for Mitt coalition.
“These Maryland veterans have served our country well and I am honored to have their endorsement,” said Mitt Romney. “Our veterans deserve the best care and support from our country and I look forward to working with these fine men and women to provide for our country’s veterans.”
“Throughout his career in public service, Mitt Romney has been an advocate for our country’s veterans,” said Donald Hoffman, Maryland Veterans for Mitt State Co-Chair. “Mitt Romney will ensure that our veterans get the care they deserve and will be a strong ally for veterans across the country as president.”
Maryland Veterans For Mitt
Co-Chair – Donald Hoffman, Nuclear Submarine Service Engineering Officer/Senior Reactor Operator, USN/Ret
Co-Chair – Calvin J. (Jim) Olson, Colonel, USA/Ret
Bill Woodcock, E5, USAF/Ret
Brannon Thompson, E9, CSM
Carolyn Melby, Lt. Colonel, Naval Reserves
Cheryl A. Merritt, Lieutenant Colonel, USA/Ret
Curtis Calendar, E9/CSM, USA/Ret
Dale Vander Hamm, Lt. Colonel, USA/Ret
Daniel Campbell, Major, USAF/Ret
David W. Williams, Colonel, USA/Ret
Dean Calcagni, Colonel, USA/Ret
Deborah Ann McLeod-Baumbach, E6/HM1, USN/Ret
Dr. Wayne Allgaier, Lieutenant, USN/Ret
Ed McDonough, Captain, USA/Ret
Gary Allen Deniker, Specialist 4, USA/Ret
Gerald D. Kolbfleisch, E5, USA/Ret
Hon. John C. Truesdell, Colonel/Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of USAF Reserves Affairs/Ret
Hon. Michael J. Kussman, Former Under Secretary of Health, Veterans Health Administration, Brigadier Gen/USA/Ret
J. Dennis Hemstetter, E3, USN/Ret
James Daniel Morrison, Major, USA/Ret
Jeff Hoffa, Lieutenant Colonel, USA/Ret
Jesse Sutton, Tech Sergeant, USMC/Ret
Jim Harvey, E4, USCG/Ret
John Yadvish, 1st Lieutenant, USA
Jonathon Kissane, Colonel, USA/Ret
Jonathon Tross, E5/Sergeant, USA/Ret
Joseph Palma, Colonel, USAF/Ret
Katherine Kolbfleisch, E4, USA/Ret
Leslie Robert Cook, Private 1st Class, USA/Ret
Mark S. Roundtree, E7/Sergeant 1st Class, USA/Ret
Mateaki E. Niko, CSM, USA/Ret
Melinda Kay Dennis, Yeoman E5, USN/Ret
Michael Arterburn, Captain, USA/Ret
Michael Frieman, DD819, USN
Michael Merritt, Colonel, USMC/Ret
Michelle Mayer, E5, USA
Newman Carmack, E5 Staff Sergeant, USA/Ret
Nora Ann Morrison, PFC, USA/Ret
Ralph Santaliz, Major, USA/Ret
Ranea Hall, Engineman 2nd Class, USN/Ret
Richard Burdette, E5 Staff Sergeant, USAF/Ret
Robert Bledsoe, SMSgt/E-8, USAF
Robert L. Erlich, Corporal, Marine Division-Korea, Ret
Robert C. Read, Lt. Colonel, USA/Ret
Robert C. Wren, Major, USA/Ret
Robert Merritt, Major, USA/Ret
Robert Vandre, Colonel, USA/Ret
Sharon D. Merritt, Lieutenant Colonel, USMC/Ret
Stephen DePalo, Lt. Colonel, USAF
Steven Duke, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF/Ret
Terry R. Igens, Captain, USN/Ret
Tildman Barnes, Specialist E5, USA/Ret
Endorsers are retired or not on active duty.  Use of military rank and job titles does not imply endorsement by the Department of Defense or any department thereof.