PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

July 6, 2011


Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today earned the support of Utah elected officials.
“These endorsements represent the deep level of support that I have enjoyed over the years in Utah,” said Mitt Romney. “I formed a strong bond with many Utah residents and officials during my time running the Olympics and continue to appreciate the support of so many in the state.”
“Throughout his life, Mitt has demonstrated that he isn't just qualified, but has the leadership needed to be President of the United States,” said Senator Orrin Hatch. “Whether in the private sector, during the Winter Olympics, or as governor, Mitt Romney has the proven record to lead our country and understands that middle-class families, small businesses, and the private sector are the key to a bright future – not government.”
“Utah residents and voters across the country are looking for a change in The White House,” said Congressman Jason Chaffetz. “President Obama has failed to steer our economy in the right direction and has made the environment for job creation even worse. Mitt Romney knows how jobs are created and is the right man at this critical time to lead us toward recovery.”
“Mitt Romney has a record of job creation that the President lacks,” said Congressman Rob Bishop. “We need someone in office who understands how the economy works. President Obama has failed in his mission to create jobs – Mitt Romney has the record to lead an economic recovery.”
“President Obama’s policies have failed to get our country out of this economic downturn,” said Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. “Mitt Romney has shown that he has the experience to grow the economy and create jobs. He led a successful Winter Olympics, created jobs as governor and has the private sector experience that President Obama lacks.”
Announcing his support, Lt. Governor Greg Bell said, “President Obama’s policies have been categorical failures for the country – he has failed to grow the economy and create jobs. Mitt Romney’s record in the private sector and as governor speaks for itself: he created jobs, balanced budgets, and kept taxes low. Utahns clearly want the federal government to balance its budget and stop its insane deficit spending. Mitt is the guy to do that.”


Utah Officials Endorsing Mitt Romney:·        

       ·         Senator Orrin Hatch

·         Congressman Jason Chaffetz

·         Congressman Rob Bishop

·         Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell

·         Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

·         State Senate President Michael G. Waddoups

·         State Senate Majority Leader Scott K. Jenkins

·         State Senate Majority Whip Wayne L. Niederhauser

·         State Senate Assistant Majority Whip Peter C. Knudson

·         State Senator J. Stuart Adams

·         State Senator Curtis S. Bramble

·         State Senator Allen M. Christensen

·         State Senator Margaret Dayton

·         State Senator Lyle W. Hillyard

·         State Senator David P. Hinkins

·         State Senator Daniel R. Liljenquist

·         State Senator Ralph Okerlund

·         State Senator Aaron Osmond

·         State Senator Jerry W. Stevenson

·         State Senator Daniel W. Thatcher

·         State Senator John L. Valentine          

·         House Majority Leader Brad L. Dee

·         Representative Johnny Anderson

·         Representative Roger E.  Barrus

·         Representative Jim Bird

·         Representative Derek E. Brown

·         Representative Melvin R. Brown

·         Representative LaVar Christensen

·         Representative Fred C. Cox

·         Representative Bradley M. Daw

·         Representative Jack R. Draxler           

·         Representative Rebecca P. Edwards

·         Representative Steve Eliason

·         Representative Julie Fisher

·         Representative Gage Froerer   

·         Representative Brad J. Galvez

·         Representative Francis D. Gibson

·         Representative Richard A. Greenwood

·         Representative Keith Grover

·         Representative Stephen G. Handy

·         Representative Wayne A. Harper

·         Representative Christopher N. Herrod

·         Representative Don L. Ipson

·         Representative Ken Ivory

·         Representative Todd E. Kiser  

·         Representative Bradley G. Last

·         Representative Kay L. McIff

·         Representative Michael T. Morley       

·         Representative Merlynn T. Newbold

·         Representative Jim Nielson

·         Representative Michael E. Noel

·         Representative Patrick Painter

·         Representative Lee B. Perry

·         Representative Jeremy A. Peterson

·         Representative Val L. Peterson

·         Representative Dixon M. Pitcher

·         Representative Paul Ray

·         Representative Holly J. Richardson

·         Representative Douglas Sagers

·         Representative Stephen E. Sandstrom

·         Representative Dean Sanpei

·         Representative R. Curt Webb  

      ·         Representative Brad R. Wilson