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September 5, 2012

Boston, MA – Romney for President today announced its Black Leadership Council. In the months to come, this group will help facilitate dialogue between Mitt Romney and respected leaders who provide unique expertise, experience and knowledge on a range of issues impacting black American communities. For more information, visit

“I am proud to have the endorsements of so many leaders in the black community,” said Mitt Romney. “They know all too well that the economic downturn that has continued to hammer our country has been even more devastating for black Americans. Together, we will work to end that downturn, and we will not rest until all Americans have the jobs they need, the quality education they are owed, and the opportunities they deserve.”
“Many Black Americans across the country cheered when Barack Obama was elected president,” said Congressman Tim Scott. “Achieving this milestone was a great moment for civil rights, one that reflected the best of this country. But we judge President Obama by his policies, not his promises. Those policies have been a disappointment. Black Americans are falling into poverty at an alarming rate, and unemployment rates are rising. We need a leader in the White House who knows how to turn this economy around. Mitt Romney has a plan to do just that, and we need him now more than ever.”
“Barack Obama spoke to the best in us when he ran for president in 2008,” said Congressman Allen West. “Today, he's running a negative campaign that says nothing about how we will end this economic downturn and put our country back on the path to prosperity. In Mitt Romney, we have a proven leader who will not speak to America with empty platitudes and soaring rhetoric, but will restore the exceptionalism of our Republic and secure the American dream for future generations. President Obama has been, and will continue to be, a disappointment. We are truly not better off as a country than we were four years ago. This election is not just about changing Presidents.  This is a moral decision speaking to our greater Angels and the blessings of liberty and freedom we pass onto our children and grandchildren.”
“Mitt Romney is a man who has the experience and understands how the economy works and how to create jobs,” said Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll. With black unemployment at 14 percent, Mitt Romney's job creating experience is exactly what we need to turn the economy around. Until we reform our education system, make a commitment to train skilled workers for the jobs of today and encourage more Black American small businesses, we will continue to see higher unemployment and poverty rates throughout our community. That's a future none of us want to see, and it is one that Mitt Romney will commit to avoiding. Mitt Romney said, ‘hold him accountable’ for creating 12 million jobs, and this is an opportunity we should give him to make the economic conditions in our black communities better.”

National Council Chairs

Representative Tim Scott (SC-01)

Representative Allen West (FL-22)

Florida Lt.  Gov. Jennifer Carroll


Advisory Council Members

Texas State Representative Stefani Carter  

Saratoga Springs Mayor & Utah Congressional Candidate Mia Love

Texas Commissioner of Education and former Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams

Kay Coles James, President and Founder of the Gloucester Institute and former director for the United States Office of Personnel Management

Honorable Artur Davis, former Member of Congress

The Honorable Bill Hardiman, former Michigan state senator

Linda Lee Tarver,  Ethnic Vice Chair of the Michigan Republican Party

Renee Amoore, Deputy Chairwoman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania

Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo (OH)

Ryan L. Frazier, former Colorado Congressional candidate              

Leondray Gholston, Romney for President Colorado Grassroots Chairman and Former Colorado Republican State Vice-Chairman

Glenn McCall, South Carolina RNC Committeeman

Ada Fisher, North Carolina RNC Committeewoman

Hall County Commissioner Ashley Bell (GA)

Pastor Ira Combs

Burgess Owens, former NFL player

Stanley Jackson, former Ohio State University Football Captain & Quarterback

Brenda Mack, President of the Ohio Black Republican Association