PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

September 13, 2011



Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced endorsements from the Massachusetts legislature. Romney received endorsements from thirty-three of the thirty-six Republicans in the Massachusetts legislature.

“I am pleased to announce my endorsements from the Massachusetts legislature,” said Mitt Romney. “For years, I have worked hard with many of these leaders to fight for reform, jobs, and lower spending in Massachusetts. Now, I look forward to working with them during my campaign to get our country on the right track and lead the country out of this economic downturn.”

Announcing his support, House Minority Leader Brad Jones said, “After working closely with Mitt Romney during his time as governor, I know he is the right person to lead our country. Unlike our current president, Mitt Romney had a record of results as governor.”

Massachusetts Legislative Endorsements:

·         Bradley Jones, House Minority Leader                                  

·         George Peterson, House Assistant Minority Leader

·         Bradford Hill, House Minority Whip                       

·         Elizabeth Poirier, House Assistant Minority Whip

·         Robert Hedlund, Senate Assistant Minority Leader

·         Richard Ross, Senate Minority Whip                  

·         Paul Adams, State Representative                                         

·         Jay Barrows, State Representative                         

·         Richard Bastien, State Representative                  

·         Matthew Beaton, State Representative                              

·         Nicholas Boldyga, State Representative                               

·         Vinny deMacedo, State Representative                              

·         Angelo D'Emilia, State Representative                  

·         Geoff Diehl, State Representative                         

·         Peter Durant, State Representative                      

·         Ryan Fattman, State Representative                     

·         Kimberly Ferguson, State Representative                           

·         Paul Frost, State Representative                             

·         Susan Gifford, State Representative                     

·         Sheila Harrington, State Representative    

·         Steven Howitt, State Representative                      

·         Donald Humason, State Representative                               

·         Randy Hunt, State Representative                         

·         Kevin Kuros, State Representative                         

·         Steven Levy, State Representative                        

·         Marc Lombardo, State Representative                 

·         Shaunna O'Connell, State Representative                 

·         George Ross, State Representative    

·         Todd Smola, State Representative                         

·         David Vieira, State Representative                          

·         Daniel Webster, State Representative                  

·         Daniel Winslow, State Representative                  

·         Donald Wong, State Representative