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September 13, 2012


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Boston, MA – Today, Romney for President announced its National Educators for Romney coalition. This group of education leaders from across the country will lead an effort to coordinate support for Mitt Romney and his bold education reforms that will put students first.
“Education is the key to success in the modern world, and making sure that every American child has a good education is the civil rights issue of our time,” said Mitt Romney. “I am lucky to have these great leaders in education on my team. Together, we will reform our education system to ensure that the chance of a child’s success is not dictated by the circumstances of his or her birth.”
“I’ve worked with Republicans and Democrats to bring quality education to all of our children, and I can say with authority that Mitt Romney understands the reforms this country needs,” said former Secretary of Education Rod Paige. “For too long, we’ve watched as our most disadvantaged children have been denied the one tool they need to rise from poverty and live a successful life—a world-class education. Mitt Romney has proposed real reforms that will finally bring the change we need and that our children deserve. In Chicago, we are seeing again that entrenched special interests will oppose those efforts, but Governor Romney is a leader who can overcome that opposition. I am proud to support him in this endeavor.”

National Chair

Rod Paige, Former United States Secretary of Education


Honorary National Co-Chairs

Kristi LaCroix, Teacher, Lakeview Technology Academy – Kenosha, Wisconsin

John Giotis, Headmaster, The School of the Immaculata – St. Petersburg, Florida

Joan Moorhead, Teacher, Williams Intermediate School – Davenport, Iowa

John Lyons, former Chairman, New Hampshire State Board of Education

Eileen Weiser, Michigan State Board of Education

Debe Terhar, President, Ohio State Board of Education

Pam Benigno, Director, Independence Institute – Education Policy Center, Colorado

Mike Lair, Missouri State Representative

Scott Hammond, Nevada State Assemblyman

Jerry Tillman, North Carolina State Senator

Bernie O'Neill, Pennsylvania State Representative

Harry Blevins, Virginia State Senator

Kirk Cox, Virginia State Delegate

Lee Ware, Virginia State Delegate



*Institution names are provided for identification purposes only.